The Book of Why?: Questions Parents May Have

My son has this great book called “The Book of Why?” It asks 50 questions and gives you the answers.  Questions like:

Why do stars twinkle?
Why can’t penguins fly?
Why do flutes have holes?
Why do whales sing?

He loves this book, but every time we read it I think of my own questions.  I just don’t have the answers. 

Leigh's Why Questions

1. Why are there hundreds of dollars of toys and electronics in my house, but yet my kids don’t know how to entertain themselves and leave me alone?

2. Why is it that kids only sneeze when they are buckled up in their car seats and you are driving down the highway?

3. Why is the tissue on the floorboard out of your reach when your children sneeze “big ones” while buckled up in their car seats?

4. Why is it when you schedule a date night with your husband and you want to look your best, it rains?
(Obviously, the rain bothers me more than this couple.)

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5. Why is it when you go on that same date night, the hostess in the restaurant wants to sit you next to a table with small children?

6. Why is it that when you are about to embark on a vacation out of town, your child becomes sick?

7. Why is it that on a day you need to be somewhere, you have to wake your child in the morning, but on the day that everyone in the house could sleep in, you get a pat on your shoulder at 6:55 a.m. with a little voice saying “I can’t sleep!”

8. Why is it when you realize your child needs to wear dress shoes for an event, you realize the shoes are too small just as they are about to get dressed? 

9. Why hasn’t someone invented a machine to fold and put away laundry?

10. Why do I feel that sometimes time stands still, but yet time flies, too?

11. Why is it that one minute my children drive me crazy, and the next minute I can’t get enough of them, all in the same hour? 

12. Why is being a parent the best thing ever?

Believe it or not, I actually know the answer to the last one. If you are a parent, I bet you do, too.  Feel free to enlighten me if you have the answers to any of my questions, or add any more questions that you may have.  I’m sure as a parent you may be asking why, too, on occasion. 

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