Want to Experience the Magic of Disney? Don’t Leave Home without the Beyond the Attractions Guide Book for 2012

I’m at that stage in life in which I can’t log on to Facebook without seeing a status report about Walt Disney World.  A friend is either going, is there right now, or is just getting back.  If you are a parent with kids aged 2 to 10, you probably know at least one family who is making the trip this year.

Walt Disney World in 2010
Think about it.  Uh-huh! Thought so.

Disney has changed so much through the years.  My husband remembers his dad driving up to the Polynesian and getting a room on the spot in 1977.  Can you believe it?  They just drove up to it like it was a hotel on the interstate.

That is unheard of now.  Back then, things were simple. There were no dining plans, park hoppers, FastPass, and booking rooms and dining reservations a year in advance.

Now, planning a trip to Disney is like getting a second job.  There’s a lot to know.

Mr. Cool was four when we took him to Disney. We left six-month old Baby Diva with family during the trip. 
In fact, I’ve taken a little time recently to help one of my good friends plan her first trip for her 4-year-old for this fall.  As you probably guessed, I’m all about the accommodations and food.  After that, my interest wanes, but I’m not going to leave her empty-handed.  

Luckily for her, and you, I’ve just read a top-notch Walt Disney World Guide Book.  I cannot tell you how much I adore this book.  It’s called “Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers.”

Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers 2012

I wish I had known about this book when we took our first trip in 2010.  I spent countless hours researching the parks, and this book breaks everything down for you in such an easy-to-read manner.  The information in it is priceless.  

Author Lisa Battista specifically targets the book to parents, grandparents, and individuals who are traveling with children aged 2 to 5, but the book is so well planned and useful that I think it’s good for parents with elementary-aged kids, too.  She even has a section that addresses the best itinerary for parents who have preschoolers and elementary-aged children.

The book touches on prepping for the trip, lodging for families, transportation while on property, and entertaining small children while waiting for attractions.  The real substance of the book and the most helpful, in my opinion, deals with attractions at the parks, character dining, and special “hidden activities” at the park for preschoolers.  To me, this is the information that is so valuable as a parent planning a trip.  Lisa does all the homework for you.  It’s in such an easy format that you could be at Magic Kingdom, pop the book open, and the information you need is right there at your fingertips.

Beyond the Attractions gives you the scoop on all parades in the parks 

For example, I had no idea that you could take a short, free ride in vintage cars at Magic Kingdom. That would have been fun.  I also didn’t know about a talking trashcan in tomorrow land.  My son also would have loved the formal hedge maze hidden away in England at Epcot.  Well, now I know.

Disney is also conducting a lot of upgrades and renovations this year, and this book includes all of that information for 2012, plus it breaks down the attractions so you know what is best-suited for your child, based on age and height.  In the book’s “Heed the Warnings” section, it shares attractions that could scare younger children.  The book even has a section on parades and nighttime entertainment.

Epcot is my favorite park at Walt Disney World

Overall, I was impressed with the book’s section on dining.  It really gets to heart of the dining plan. For a first-time traveler to Disney, I think the plan can be confusing, but this explains it well and hones in on restaurants that are best-suited for the young child with a focus on character dining. 

This guide does not go into signature dining, and it does not serve as a review for the restaurants or hotels.  It’s for information purposes only, and only a handful of restaurants are actually listed in the book, along with some places for special treats and healthy snacks.

Reading this book made me want to go to Disney again, and after reading this I will be so much better prepared in the parks for what to see and do. Your time is valuable. This straightforward guide will truly help your visit to Walt Disney World be magical.

Yes, we got wet on our trip. The Guide Book has details to help you with rainy days, too. 

To read some excerpts or order the book for 30% off, you may visit: http://www.beyondtheattractions.com/ 

And for one lucky person, you can win a copy of the guide right here. A winner will be chosen at random via the rafflecopter system through April 4.  You can enter either through Facebook or through your email, but you must enter your information in the box in order to be eligible because the computer picks the winner based on names entered through rafflecopter only and not through blog comments.  All other entries are optional. 

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in order to write this review. As always, opinions are my own and were not influenced by the company.  
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