Just One Web Click and You Can Help a New Mom in Need for Mother’s Day

In taking a page from one of my old journalism textbooks, I’m just going to cut to the chase here and ask you to please click on this link, http://ar.gy/0iMR, and show your support for the Boppy Company’s efforts to donate $1 for every click on the “Give Your Support” icon.  Your click will help provide young, at-risk, first-time moms with a new Boppy Pillow.

This is such a simple way to help a good cause, and it requires no monetary donation from anyone.  It’s just a simple one-time click.  We click on pages all the time, so let’s put our Web browsing to some good use and support one mom at a time.  

The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is America's #1 Baby Product

For this Mother’s Day support program, Boppy will give up to $20,000 of new Boppy Pillows to the Nurse-Family Partnership Program.  This nonprofit organization works with at-risk, first-time moms through home health visits until the infant is 2 years of age. They give support and guidance, and provide stability to new mothers during a very vulnerable time in their lives.  Through the years, the organization has served 150,941 at-risk families.  The truth is … it is a health-care program that is changing lives for the better.

I went through some of its statistics for the North Carolina program because I was curious.  Here’s what I learned.

*Median age for the moms in my state is 19.
*91 percent are unmarried.
*62 percent are Medicaid recipients.

Last year, through the help of the Nurse-Family partnership, 89 percent of the babies were born at full term and were at a healthy weight.  Forty-four percent of the moms earned their GEDs, and 26 percent are working on their GEDs.  In addition, and this is an important statistic, 73 percent of the mothers had no subsequent pregnancies at program completion.  You can read about other states here and see firsthand how the program is making an impact with young, low-income moms.

My Boppy-using days are long over now, but I still know and remember how tough and trying it can be for a mom in the early days of feeding, changing diapers, and getting little sleep.  It’s the hardest work that these young teens have ever done in their lives.  It was tough for me, but I also had a good support system in my home and good financial means. 

I really commend the Boppy Company for helping out with this great cause.  I owned a Boppy Pillow, and I used it all the time.  The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is America’s No. 1 baby product.  The versatile Boppy Pillow lifts a baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit.  Here’s Mr. Cool when he was less than a month old.

Mr. Cool hanging out in his Boppy on January, 2006.  

My Boppy was a baby shower gift, but I also had the means to buy one, if needed.  Many of these young moms do not.  I hope I’ve convinced you to show your support, and to visit http://ar.gy/0iMR to help donate $1 to this heartfelt cause.

Boppy is also generously donating a Boppy Pillow to a reader. I ask only that if you are entering the giveaway, please click http://ar.gy/0iMR to show your support. Let’s help that bar graph rise to $20,000.  The winner may choose a Boppy Pillow in a girl, boy, or neutral design.  All entries must be in the U.S., excluding APO, FPO, and PO Boxes. 

Disclosure: I chose to write this post because I believed in the cause. I was not compensated, but one of my readers will receive a free Boppy Pillow as part of the give-away prize. 
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