Like Mother, Like Daughter?

We are back from a fantastic trip to the North Carolina mountains.  I will have the whole story for you next week, but wanted to share a quick story with you today.

I think I have given birth to a ham.
We spent a day at Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rocking, North Carolina, and we could not get Baby Diva off the clogging stage.  I'm not joking.

Fortunately, there was a part in the show when the cloggers had children participate in the routine.   The Diva is front and center.

Mr. Cool is on the second row.  Baby Diva is front and center.

The end of this story is when it gets interesting.  The cloggers did several more numbers, and Baby Diva watched from the audience.  

We were in the front row, and Baby Diva got up from her bench, and started climbing the stage stairs.  One of the cloggers grabbed her hand, and let her get on stage.  She took a bow with the dancers, and they held the microphone in front of her, and told her to say, "Bye".  She did it without hesitation.

As a parent, it became one of those moments when I didn't know if I should hold her back or let her shine.

I let her shine because it was a slow day at Tweetsie, and very few people were in the audience.

It was her happy moment in the spotlight.

I guess now I will have to teach her how to clog.

I think every girl who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina knows how to clog.

In Blowing Rock, NC at Tweetsie Railroad


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