What this Llama Taught Me About Blogging

He didn't say much on our trip to Tweetsie Railroad in May, but he certainly showed his personality. He followed us on the trail, and at times, I thought he was going to spit at me.

As a travel blogger, I take a lot of photos, and this charismatic llama never even made it in my travel piece on the Boone area.  But, I kept his photo because I thought he was funny.  He just sat there on my phone waiting to be in the limelight.  Today is his day to shine , and he's making his debut for my friend Ann's "Gold Medal Blogging Tips" link-up.

When I started blogging last year, I would never have put a photo of a llama on my blog because I thought it was funny.  I felt that all my posts on the blog needed to reflect my professional style, and provide my readers with a well-written story.   I showed some personality through my writing style, but what was missing from my blog was the fun-loving side of my personality.  The person who my family and friends see daily.

I am certainly not a Martha Stewart. I turn my laundry pink. I burn my food, and my house is a mess.  I have not one crafty bone in my body. I fail miserably at decor. I'm not even a good photographer.  Some may say that I shouldn't be blogging at all.

The only thing I really have to offer my readers are my adventures, or better yet, my personality. As a former journalist, I love to tell you a good story, and put you in my suitcase for my "Pack Your Bags" features, but I certainly don't travel all the time.  We have a lot of downtime in this house, and a lot of troublesome trips to the grocery store.

My readers are seeing a little more of my personality through Instagram and Facebook where I share snippets of our daily lives.  My goal is to bring more personality to this blog space, too.   It's not always easy to do because you've got to find the perfect balance.

One thing I've learned about blogging is that it centers around connectivity to others, and without being yourself or showing some personality, it's hard to connect to others, and grow.  Readers need to connect with you.

I am so thankful for those who do come to this little space in the web, and engage with me.  I've gotten to know you through your comments.  For that, I thank you and it is truly the core of what keeps me blogging regularly.

I also thank you for finally letting me feel comfortable enough in this space to show a random photo of a llama today for no reason at all except that I think he is funny.

If you're new to this blog today, I hope you come back.

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