Capturing Photographic Moments in Historic Downtown Apex

Historic Downtown Apex is about 20 minutes from my home.   The main street in the town is an eclectic couple of blocks in the heart of this once rural farming town that now embodies small-town sophistication.

Window-shopping is full of eye candy in the forms of antiques, gift shops, boutique clothing, and handmade jewelry.

I fawned over these cats that apparently live upstairs above a boutique. As my husband says, I never miss the opportunity to find a cat.

It’s the type of town where the volunteer firemen still sit out in front of the firehouse and wave as families stroll to one of the many downtown restaurants that have filled the town.

Last week, I met with local photographer Rebekah Tozer to use the charming downtown location as a backdrop for a family photo shoot.

The location and her talents equaled a winning combination.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

Rebekah Tozer Photography

Rebekah, who is also a director of a local preschool, really has a way of putting kids at ease.  My two were having a blast.  For my local readers, she does offer photography classes for parents, and you can learn more about that on her site. I talked more about our shoot, and how digital cameras have now changed photography, in my parenting column in the News and Observer last week.  I even revealed my fondness for Vanna White hairstyles in the ’90s. Say what?

I think I’m past those days now.  Now, I’ve got to decide what to frame of my family.  Rebekah has given me a very hard job to do because I love so many of the images she captured.  And she got all of these images in just 20 minutes.  Yes, that’s right.  It was a mini-session.  The kids didn’t get tired and uncooperative at all.

I was impressed, and, best of all, we had a family dinner at Salem Pub on charming Salem Street right after the photo shoot. 

You know I tie everything in with a meal.

To see some more of Rebekah’s photo shoot with us, visit her blog

My thanks to Rebekah Tozer for sponsoring this post with our photo shoot. To learn more about her photography classes, visit I am in love with my photos. 

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