Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Grand Strand Plus Other News

Can you believe that we just got home from Virginia, and we’re packing up and taking off again? Our destination is a quick trip to South Carolina’s Grand Strand. We’re staying at MiMa’s cottage, and it’s our last beach trip of the summer. Truthfully, we’re just going down for the fried shrimp and the outlet shopping.  I’m kidding, sort of.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Before we go, I wanted to share a few things with you to wrap up the month.

We are officially back in school.  Sleeping in is a thing of the past. I try to be up at 6 a.m. every day. I really need that morning time to sip my tea, and, well, just sit there for 30 minutes.  Afternoons are now rushed.  That time of the day from afternoon pickup to getting dinner on the table is not smooth sailing. I really try to plan meals that are simple and easy. I hope you checked out the four back-to-school meals I shared on Monday. Out of those four, the pasta, broccoli, and tofu meal is the easiest, and is the family favorite.  As a proud mom, I had to share my son's first day in first grade. His little sister didn't want to leave the classroom. She starts preschool next week.  Yea!

I have a first grader.

Speaking of food, I ate like a queen when I was in Roanoke, Virginia, and at the Homestead Resort.  I would hate to count up the calories I consumed in one day, but my attitude is that a vacation is about indulging; not calorie-counting.  You can head over to Skimbaco to get a taste of my indulging habits, and I also have a new favorite craft brew. 

Scrumptious cheesecake at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia

If you are a blogger reading this, then you know that as a blogger you make some fabulous online friends blogging.  People who don’t blog really don’t understand this, but trust me, it happens, and it’s wonderful.  You exchange email pleasantries from time to time, and you catch up with each other by reading your respective blogs.  As you all know, I don’t have much talent other than checking into a luxury hotel, but the DIY bloggers in the blog world are so talented.  You know who they are:  You pin their work on Pinterest like crazy.

Check this baby out!

Sutton Place Designs
My blogging friend Ann of On Sutton Place sent me her handiwork from her Etsy shop in the form of this vintage grain sack tote.  Apparently, I have some luck because I won her giveaway by linking up this post about what a llama taught me aboutblogging.

To see a blogging friend’s own beautiful work was awe-inspiring.  She is so talented.  She gave up her job in education this year to nurture her own business.  She is on her way to a successful year.  The vintage French grain totes are $65.  As the holidays approach, Ann also has some cute items that would make great gifts.  I’m fond of her tea towels and lavender sachets.  If you visit her, please tell her that I sent you. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

And for my local Triangle friends, mark your calendars for the First United Methodist Church-Cary 20th Annual Children’s Consignment Sale beginning Friday, September 14-15.  You can find all the details on the sale’s website, and they are still seeking consignors this year.  I just spent $160 at Target on Friday for some basics like socks, underwear, boy’s jeans, toddler Champion sneakers in fuchsia, and some school snacks. Raising children can certainly put a dent in your wallet, so definitely check out the sale if you are in the area.  The proceeds support the church’s missions.

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