My Detox Diaries: Yes! That's Kale on My Burger

Pumpkin Smoothie

Well, I survived a 10-day detox/cleanse. And let me just say I DID NOT CHEAT one bit throughout the 10 days.

That’s right! No alcohol. No caffeine. No gluten, and only natural sugar found in foods. I even packed my own food for a huge Oktoberfest party. 

Yes, I did!

For those of you just joining us, I participated in a fall renewal detox designed by Lisa Consiglio Ryan of Whole Health Designs. As I shared in my earlier diaries, the program start was bumpy.  The middle days were a little better, and the finale was still no picnic. But, honestly, I could see a change in my body, and my mental clarity, especially in the afternoon.

Some people felt absolutely fantastic on the last few days. I did not.  I was still up and down like a roller coaster with my mood. I felt a little dizzy on the last day since I hadn’t eaten any beans in a day or two. I believe my iron was low.  But there were times during the detox when I was feeling great, too.  I posted the following on Facebook after I cut up a butternut squash for an hour while my two kids destroyed the house around me.

“I think to properly detox, you need to be wealthy, spend an entire week at a spa resort, have a personal chef, and most importantly, no small children around. You like a celebrity.
In hindsight that may be a little harsh, but I will tell you there were parts of this program that I had access to due to the personal coaching that I, unfortunately, didn’t have time to take advantage of on a daily basis.  I was to meditate, breathe, and listen to what my body was telling me.  It’s hard to do that with young children around.

I am feeling really good post detox.  Apparently, all this great cleansing food caused my gray hair to grow.
My salon appointment can't get here quickly enough. 

The only voice I heard was a little devil on my shoulder who kept telling me one thing: “You need a nice cup of warm tea to make it all better.”

I was to dry-brush my skin daily, view daily blogs, and check in with a support group.

Instead, I was busy running back to school because my son forgot his backpack one morning and avoiding routes that had a Starbucks. I was busy preparing not only my own food, but food for my family to eat, too.  I was busy listening to my husband tell me that this detox was making me mean and he would be glad when it was over.  I was viewing Lisa’s Day 5 vlog on Day 8. You get the idea. 

I did the food plan to a tee, but the mental and physical components of the program were put on a backburner.

So what happened on Day 11 when it was over? 

Lisa really encouraged us to not add caffeine or alcohol for another week because she said they were highly addictive substances that our body does not need.

I woke up the morning after the detox, saw that I weighed 126 pounds, and felt so good that I wanted to keep the momentum going.  This old saying is true.

“We only want what we can’t have!”
I had a very small cup of tea, with some almond milk, and no sugar. I didn’t even finish it. It really wasn’t even that good. I learned from this experience that my tea ritual was not so much about the caffeine, but instead I was addicted to the raw sugar that I put in my tea.  I did not give in to my old habits.

On Day 11, I chose to have the tea, but I chose not to have the sugar.  That’s a lifestyle change I plan to keep.  I also plan to continue to start my day with a glass of lemon water and shot of apple cider vinegar.

We also got back in the land of the living and had a break at Starbucks on Day 11. I had a sugar-free skinny latte and the tiniest bite of a pumpkin scone.  I didn’t even want it.  

A Starbucks break in Cary, North Carolina
What I loved was that I enjoyed being able to go into a Starbucks again and blend in with the other coffee junkies.  While on the plan, I felt a little depressed and deprived. I kind of wanted to be a recluse in my home and avoid temptations.  Now, I feel social again.

You’re not going to believe this, but I continued to eat detox meals until Saturday night, a whole three-and-a-half days after the detox ended. I loved the food on this program.

However, while making the bed in the morning with just a day or two left in the detox, a burger flashed before my eyes, but not just any burger.  I wanted a specific burger at the Raleigh restaurant Chuck’s

This is a restaurant owned by well-known Chef Ashley Christensen, who was on Iron Chef America last year. She’s known for organic, farm-to-table-type food. Sure, her food may have some calories, but it’s good food that I felt would get me back into normal living, so to speak. I told Will that I wanted to go to Chuck’s for dinner on Saturday night.

Let me introduce you to The LAST WORD, a 5-ounce, house-ground, 100 percent chuck on a potato roll with sottocenere, and shredded Dino Kale in a hazelnut vinaigrette. AMAZING.

The Last Word Burger at Chuck's  Raleigh

I also had a few Belgium fries and a craft brew from Mother Earth Brewing Company in Kinston, North Carolina. 

I felt good about what I ate, and I followed Lisa’s 80 percent-20 percent rule.  I indulged a little with the beer, but this week I’m going to do my best to eat whole, nonprocessed foods.

I woke up on Sunday morning still weighing 126 pounds. Typically, after a night eating out, I would be two to three pounds heavier the next morning. Not the case this time.  I would like to see this trend continue.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity for this detox/cleanse journey, as hard as it was on me.  I really think I learned a lot from the experience, and it helped me jumpstart some weight loss. 

I have wanted to lose 5 pounds all year, but wasn’t successful. I would lose a couple of pounds then gain it all back.  My excess sugar, gluten, and lack of discipline plus a nonconsistent exercise routine hindered me from my goals.

Right now, I feel that my skin looks fresher, and I have more energy than I've had in quite awhile. 

Ask me any questions you may have, and I will follow up with you in a few weeks to let you know if I am being successful or reverting back to my old eating ways.  I have created a new post-detox Pinterest board with some good recipes to help me on my journey. 

I started with this Lentil Chili on Sunday night.

Lentil Chili Recipe from Whole Foods

I think I’m on a roll.  

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