Kids, Give me Back my Intel Tablet! #TabletCrew

Are you saying that in your house if you own a tablet? We’re the owners of a new tablet courtesy of Intel, and for my work on Skimbaco.  I've not been able to get it away from my kids long enough for my own personal use very often. 

My kids using the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2
We own the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, and it operates on a Windows 8 system.  It is powered by Intel. 

And that is about all the geek speak that I can tell you.  If I told you anymore then you would know I was pretending to be smarter than I am. 

Right now, my 7-year-old can operate the ThinkPad Tablet 2 better than I can.  As much as I wish I could, I simply cannot impress you with technical talk.  If you want to know its features or how it works, then you’ll have to Google it or visit the Intel tablet website

I am still in a learning curve and have been Googling things myself to learn how to use some of the features.  Some smart, technical person needs to get on that pronto for this 40-plus age set.   Unfortunately, it did not come with a big, fat manual to tell me the wonderful things it can do.

I have no idea if the Lenovo tablet is better or worse than other tablets. I did not have a tablet before owning this one.  But I do know that after a few short weeks of owning the Lenovo ThinkPad 2, I cannot imagine not having it.

That I can say with 100 percent certainty.

I also know that I like it. It's lightweight! It's very fast, and the battery power is fantastic. We've not taken the tablet on a trip yet, but we will for our Spring Break trip to Highlands, N.C.  

It’s a breeze for my kids to use it.  The Microsoft Windows system makes it easy for them to get to their apps as soon as they sign on.

She's only 3. She's already logging in, and using the Intel tablet with ease. 
I assigned each one of them a password and downloaded age-appropriate apps for them to use.  When I created their accounts, it asked if I wanted to enable Microsoft Family Safety to monitor their activity.  I now get a full report sent to my email account about their tablet use. 

I really love the stylus on the ThinkPad 2.

The stylus makes it so easy to use this tablet. My kids use it when they play games. 

I use it to type email. I like to keep it my hands at all times.  

And thanks to my friend, Google, I just learned about using the inking feature on the tablet. See, I told you I needed a manual. 

We’ve been drawing with the tablet through the Skitch app.  It provides a lot of entertainment, especially for my youngest child. 

Inking is a lot of fun. Look at those glasses. 
The other day, the tablet made it so easy for my son to do his homework.  I could be in the kitchen, and he was learning about George Washington on the tablet so he could write a report.  He was able to do it in the same room, while I could be right there multitasking, too. That was NICE!  It's also easy for us to change users quickly. 

I love checking email on the ThinkPad 2 while the kids eat breakfast. I can hit the email app and read emails from all of my gmail accounts.  There’s no logging in.  It’s the touch of one button. I also can do a quick social media check through the People app.  It has all my updates as well as everyone I follow. 
It's so easy to go from e-mail to social media.  That I love. 

We've also used the tablet for streaming a movie on Netflix.  And I'm using it in the kitchen while I cook.  No more squinting on my smartphone.  It is so easy to switch from one app to the other, too. 

 I still need to learn to use the camera better, make movies, or skype with my Skimbaco editor in Sweden, but I've got to get my hands on the tablet long enough to figure those things out. 

Kids, give me back my tablet!  This mama has some work to do. 

Disclosure: I was given the Lenovo ThinkPad 2 tablet by Intel to become more familiar with it.   My opinions about the tablet are all my own.

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