Set Sail to Ancient Lands of Romance, Couture Fashion and Mouthwatering Cuisine (Guest Post)

Ok ladies, it's time for a vacation. And not just a 2-hour drive to a nearby cabin but a real vacation. You remember... The kind where you and your hubby take a full week off from the daily grind to relax by the ocean or hike through historical sites oohing and ahing at the grandeur and mastery of architecture. Oh the memories, right? I'm here to tell you to stop dreaming and start living. If the kids are old enough and you have willing sitters (isn't this what grandparents are for?), I suggest you get your passport stamped as you set sail to Europe for romance, adventure, architecture, delicious food and the latest fashion.

And, I have an idea for you. Take a much deserved voyage across the Atlantic to Europe with nothing to worry about except which cobblestone street you'll stop for lunch or which onboard spa treatment you'll treat yourself to. In my experience, luxury cruise liners are ideal in that they have planned excursions leaving you more time to tour and less time fiddling with maps. And the food...the food is plentiful and delightful.


Je voudrais flaner avec toi (I would like to take a stroll with you). Imagine you and your love, walking arm in arm in the crisp Paris air while gazing upon the illuminated Eiffel Tower; bask in the summer sun on the shores of Barcelona as you sip sangria; travel through Norwegian fjords and take port in the charming small towns surrounding Olso where you can peruse folk art and cuckoo clock shops. Any of the Celebrity cruises to Europe you choose for your voyage are sure to ignite your fire inside.


Get a true feel of ancient Greek temples as you channel Zeus and Athena at the Greek Theater and the Parthenon. Guided tours through the temples and fallen structures of Athens are sure to make an unforgettable journey. Then tour Rome's treasured highlights, including the Colosseum and one of Christendom's most revered churches, St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Perhaps you would prefer getting your Irish on at the Blarney Castle where you can kiss the Blarney Stone and forever be granted  the gift of eloquence.

Renaissance masterpieces in ancient capitals, art nouveau along the Spanish shores and medieval runes blanket the English countryside. It's a beautiful thing.


You haven't experienced a magnificent old glass of wine until you visit the Spanish vineyards. Perchance a true English cup of tea for you, miss? An extreme advantage to taking a cruise is, simply, the food. Whether you want intimacy or a dramatic open space restaurant, trendy upscale decor or French country charm, Tuscan or an Asian, the Celebrity ships offer these options. There is food available anytime. By day you can stroll into the Lawn Club Grill and enjoy the outdoor ocean views as you eat a Mediterranean flatbread in your flip-flops and by night dance by the light of the moon at the Sky Observation Lounge.

Whether in the market for a pair of classic Italian leather boots or just window shopping, it won't hurt to catch up on the latest couture before they come to America.

Whatever vacation you choose, you can cruise your way to a sense of freedom you haven't felt since before that first baby was born.

Stephanie Griffith
After working on as a travel agent, Stephanie decided it was high time she switched gears and became a travel writer. She visits faraway lands by plane, train and car, but loves to go on cruises the most.

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