Exploring Biltmore Park Town Square in Asheville, NC

Before we get started on this Hines adventure,

Asheville, NC
Biltmore Park Town Square has something for everyone

I have to ask.

Can you believe it is May? I just put the May preschool calendar on my refrigerator last night, and realized that my daughter has just three short weeks left of school.  I about died.  When she is with me, she is constantly demanding my attention lately.  Where am I going to find the time to write this blog, a luxury travel column for Skimbaco Lifestyle, and a parenting column for the News and Observer?  It's that time of year again where you may see less posts in a week due to the demands of parenting and travels, but you will find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook daily. I would love to have you join me there. 

As you have read, I've made a few trips to Asheville, North Carolina recently. We had the pleasure of exploring the Biltmore Estate and the Inn on Biltmore in February.  In April, my family breezed through Asheville again for one short night, and explored another part of the city. 

Biltmore Park Town Square, Asheville, NC
The Asheville Hilton in  Biltmore Park Town Square
Asheville is such a great city that you could spend weeks there, and never tire of it. I still have so much more explore there. 

As I showcased in my column on Skimbaco Lifestyle (Embrace the Family Road Trip), I like to break up the family drive to make it more pleasurable. Highlands, North Carolina was to be our final destination, but it's six hours away from Raleigh.  Let's face it!  Two kids under 7 in the car for four, long hours makes this middle-aged mama crazy. Will and I decided to leave a day early, drive four hours, and stop for the night. 

I chose to spend the night at Biltmore Park Town Square due to its easy access to Interstate 26, and the fact that once we checked into the Asheville Hilton, our car stayed parked.  

You can walk everywhere, even in the mist, at Biltmore Park k Town Square

Oh, and I also chose this new Hilton hotel for its beautiful indoor pool, too.  I wanted to let the kids have some fun the evening we stayed to make it feel like a mini-vacation in a new city. 

The Asheville Hilton has plush, modern rooms and a gorgeous indoor pool
Biltmore Park Town Square is a neat concept, and a great place to use as a base to explore Asheville. In my opinion,  it would really be a great base for families with older children, too because there is a movie theatre on property as well as numerous restaurants, shops, and the Sensibilities Day Spa, located in the Asheville Hilton.  I vision my future life with older kids like this: kids and hubby go to the movies, and I make a beeline for the spa. 

While in town, we dined on burgers at Hickory Grill Tavern and Raw Bar, which has a great selection of local brews on tap. This restaurant was one of many great choices that were available to us at Biltmore Park Town Square. Even though it is a sports bar, it was family-friendly, and had a great kid's menu. 

Hickory Tavern Grill and Raw Bar is one of many restaurants located in Biltmore Park Town Square in Asheville

The Hilton was a great choice for us. Look at that sweet angel with that curl in the middle of her forehead. She looks so comfy in her bed. 

The next morning after some chocolate chip pancakes in "Roux", we drove to the Old Edwards Inn and Spa.  Stayed tuned because that is my next "Pack Your Bags", and here's just a quick peek at how beautiful this place is on the eyes.

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa

For more on Asheville, visit ExploreAsheville.com

Want to Go: 
43 Town Square Boulevard
Asheville, NC

Disclosure: I paid for my stay at the Asheville Hilton, but it was at a special negotiated reduced rate, and included breakfast in Roux.  All other expenses were my own. 

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