Beauty Secrets from the Old Edwards Spa

I touched on the Old Edwards Spa briefly in my latest "Pack Your Bags" this month.  This mountain spa, located in Highlands, N.C. is truly gorgeous.

This is me sans make-up immediately after a facial.  Boy, I was impressed with my experience, and this beautiful facility.  And I promise you that staff did not give me too much champagne, and convince me to take a photo without one stitch of make-up on my face. I did it because I felt that good without make-up, and wanted to give you a real picture of how wonderful I felt after my treatment.

I do believe that as one ages, less is more.  With that said, you probably won't see me on this blog without make-up too often.  However, it does feel really good when you feel as if your skin is glowing, and you don't have to hide behind make-up.

In a special  feature on Skimbaco Lifestyle, I talked a little more about my treatment, and what I learned. In a perfect world, a monthly facial would be ideal, according to my esthetician during my session.

Seriously! That is so not in my beauty budget.  So, what's the next best thing?  She suggested facials each season.

How often do you get a facial?

We did talk skincare products a little while I was there.  It was recommended that I begin to use an oil.

She left a fabulous one at the counter for me, but I had to leave it behind.  It was $189.  If I had come out with a $189 bottle of oil to use on my face, I think Will would file divorce papers.  That's just too high end for our one-income family budget.

I'm sure it is absolutely wonderful, but I have to find an alternative.

I'm thinking of trying this pure maracuja oil by Tarte Cosmetics.  I love Tarte products, and basically, my entire make-up bag is filled with Tarte products currently.

If you have an oil that you like to  use, please share.  I could talk about beauty products all day because I'm the one person that a beauty representative loves to see coming in the door. Some people are like that about fashion, but I'm a sucker for cosmetics and skincare.

A trip to the Old Edwards Inn and Spa is certainly worth the splurge.  Facials start at $145 for 50 minutes.

Disclosure: I spent years covering boring city council meetings, crime, and hurricanes.  I finally get to report on a topics that I'm passionate about like luxury hotels and spa treatments. This spa treatment was part of my work for Skimbaco Lifestyle, and it was complimentary. If I had thought about it, I would have asked for a sample of the $189 oil.  I know it's wonderful because my skin felt fabulous.

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