Are you Traveling this Summer? Show Me Your Resort or Vacation Rental #Hinessightblog Plus More Surprises

A quick hello to you. I'm back from Toronto. It was an amazing experience for me to attend my first TBEX conference with Katja Presnal, my editor at Skimbaco Lifestyle.

I have to be truthful. I didn't see much of Toronto. So, if anyone tells you that they travel all the time when they attend conferences, they aren't really getting the full experience of travel. I spent about 12 hours of the day at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Luckily for me, this was on my walk to the centre.

And Katja Presnal is an amazing speaker.  Don't forget that you can get her brand new book on "Instagram as Your Guide to the World" on Amazon. It's a great read.

Katja Presnal, Owner and Editor of Skimbaco Lifestyle

The nice thing about this conference for me was, of course, my hotel, The Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square.  You will hear all about it in my "Pack Your Bags", but I will go ahead and reveal that I loved my stay.  Hotel staff make this hotel special.  I already revealed on social media the answer to the buzz behind the gigantic, half-clothed man above the bed on the wall in my room. There were a lot of pro and con comments about the artwork.

Hotel Le Germain is in Maple Leaf Square, which is home to the Air Canada Centre, Toronto's professional sports arena.  The photographs in the room are of 28 different professional Toronto basketball, soccer, and hockey players who posed for the photo shoot by a local photographer.  The entire hotel has a "play" and sports theme, and in my opinion, it works well for the hotel.

My guy wouldn't talk back to me. 

Like any artwork, it eventually blends in with the room and you forget the art is there. Since I was by myself, I talked to my guy.  Unfortunately, he wouldn't rub my feet, and they really hurt from walking.

To answer the question that some of you posted on Facebook and Instagram, I felt the artwork worked for the theme of the hotel, and it did not distract me all.  You will get my full "Pack Your Bags" later, but that is just a quick update about a conversation that was started before I left for Toronto.

While I was in Toronto, I had a new idea and decided to try to get you all to play along with me this summer. SO PLEASE DO.  I would LOVE it.  

A Double Queen Room set up for a family at Hotel Le Germain.  Love the special Angry Birds pillows. 

As you travel this year, I would love for you to share your resort, room, or vacation rental with the HinesSight community.  You can use the hashtag #hinessightblog on Instagram and Twitter.  You can upload your photos to the blog's facebook page or tag the photos with the blog's facebook page.  I will even share some of them with my readers.  I think this will be a great way to show hotels, vacation spots, or fabulous rentals.

Sometimes I hear from you and you say, "I thought of you while I was at this resort."  I love to hear that.  Nothing pleases me more than to know that you thought of me while at a hotel. Wow!  That's special to me.  So, while you are on vacation, please snap me a photo of your room to see.  We would love to see the decor, the pool, or anything about the hotel or vacation property.   Hotel Le Germain's General Manager snapped this photo of me in one of the room's modern chairs while we toured the property.

Yes, I'm truly my happiest in a luxury hotel. Before I went to Toronto, I shared the following photo from the hotel, and a reader jokingly told me she thought the chair looked dangerous.  It's quite comfortable, however, I loved the chair even more in my own hotel room, and you'll hear the story behind that chair in my upcoming "Pack Your Bags" feature later this month.

It will be fun to see where you all are going this summer for vacation.

I hope you play along.  Show me your Room! Show me your Resort! Show me your Suite! Show me your Vacation Rental!

Tag it #hinessightblog on Instagram and Twitter.  Tag my blog's page on Facebook page or upload them directly to the Facebook page.

One travel photo has already been uploaded to twitter. It's from @AtHomeRockStar in Cary, N.C. She visited the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She loved it. She said that she splurged on this hotel, and  felt it was worth it.  She thinks it is perfect for a romantic getaway more so than for a family getaway. Thanks, Cary!

I have to leave you with one more photo.  My 3-year-old had her first dance recital yesterday. She was really cute.

She stopped half-way through her routine, and of course, wasn't always on the beat, but I was still a proud mom nonetheless.

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