Day One of Summer Vacation: Trying New Things

What do you do on the first day of summer vacation?  I'm sure many make a beeline for the pool, but if you live with me, you go out to eat breakfast. 

That's not really surprising, is it?

I didn't think so.

I'm loving the coconut coffee at Bruegger's Bagels
My son and I dropped my daughter off at her little preschool camp today, and we went across the street to have breakfast at Bruegger's Bagels.  Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet Bruegger's Executive Chef, Philip Smith when he visited Raleigh.  I got an e-mail from his staff a few weeks ago encouraging me to try some of his new menu items for summer. 

Apparently, they know I like to eat. I guess that was evident when I went for seconds on Chef Smith's delicious smoked salmon strata.  They sent me some coupons, and of course, I put them in a safe place, and now can't locate them at all in my home.  Does that happen to anyone else? 

Of course, I was disappointed that I couldn't find my coupons today, but Bruegger's is my neighborhood eatery, and I eat there a lot anyway. Coupon or no coupon. 

You may have heard that Bruegger's has a new "Sriracha Egg Sandwich" on the menu that includes eggs, cheddar cheese, sausage, red peppers, and sriracha, a tangy chili sauce. 

I have a confession to make. I've never eaten an egg on a bagel in my life. I will eat a hard-boiled egg in a salad and I will make egg salad, but that is about it when it comes to my egg eating.  The Sriracha looked good, but I didn't want the meat, and the extra calories this morning. 

It was too early for me to try one of their new salads on this visit so I made an adventurous decision for me, and ordered an egg white and sundried tomato sandwich.  Oh my goodness! I am an idiot for not trying an egg on a bagel sooner. 

It was delicious.  I feel like I've been missing out on something for 44 years now. 

Bruegger's Egg White and Sundried Tomato Sandwich (Whole Wheat Bagel)

I guess the entire world knew something that I didn't know. An egg on a bagel is darn good.  I will definitely order it again. It has less than 500 calories, but if I had ordered it "skinny" then it would have had about 100 less calories.  I honestly stayed full for six hours later. 

I guess I let Chef Smith down by not trying his new spicy breakfast sandwich. I hate letting an Englishman down, too because he has that great British accent,and all.  I'm sure it is wonderful. 

I hope you try it, and let me know how it is.  In the meantime, I'm quite happy about my new breakfast find, and I look forward to trying the new Blue Apple and Chicken Almond Salads. 

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Disclosure: Bruegger's asked me to try some of their new menu items. They sent me some coupons, but I put them in a place so safe in my home that I can't find them now. I paid for our own breakfast at Bruegger's, and my opinions are my own. I will definitely try the new salads at some point because I do frequent Bruegger's often. 

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