#TravelTuesday Photo: Here's Where You Can Put the Kids in Williamsburg!

I've got so much to tell you about Williamsburg. Once I get these two rascals back in school, I will be back on a better writing schedule. I did want to mention to you that if you are on the fence about taking your kids to see the Revolutionary City in Colonial Williamsburg then do it, especially elementary-aged children. 

My son loved it. And I really wish we had more time there. We certainly didn't see it all. I won't sugar-coat it here. Preschoolers are going to love seeing the big red furry guy down the street in Busch Gardens and swimming in the resort pool a little more, but they will still enjoy the experience. 

Take a stroller for the preschoolers. You will need it. They aren't allowed in the historic buildings, but this little one got tired, and complained a lot. However, we were also having a heat wave. It felt like 100 degrees with the humidity. 

Summer is almost over, but Colonial Williamsburg still has some of the best vacation deals out there before school starts, where kids can stay, play, and eat free. For more information on travel to Greater Williamsburg, visit www.visitwilliamsburg.com.

Disclosure: I visited Colonial Williamsburg on media assignment. I received complimentary tickets to Revolutionary City, and complimentary/special rates on hotel lodging in the area. My opinions are my own, and with most of my "Pack Your Bags" trips, we had our expenses while in the area

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