Explore Family-Friendly Topsail Beach, N.C.

I had a glorious week at Topsail Beach, North Carolina.  We had six days of laziness. No set agenda. No place to go, and no e-mails to answers.

If I had to choose a favorite, then this is it. I think it sums up the spirit of Topsail Beach PERFECTLY.

If traveling to Topsail Beach in the future, here are four things I do on every trip. This year, I added a fifth item to my agenda, which I will repeat on my next visit.

Hushpuppies at BreezeWay Restaurant
They are the best I've had, and I've had many. The shrimp can sometimes be too breaded, but dinner here is good, and the view is priceless.

Breakfast at Topsail Beach Shop and Grill
I stepped it up this year and ate breakfast out twice. They have a quiche of the day, and I ordered the special both times. The home fries are good, too.

Pizza Take-Out from The Homeport Restaurant
We used to cook a lot while vacationing at the beach.  Now, we're getting more and more simple.  Pizza is always on our list. The New York-style pizza that Homeport serves up is excellent. The perfect combination for us this year was mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and feta. Mamma Mia! That was good!

A Visit to Quarter Moon Bookstore
I leave the beach house each year and grab an iced coffee at this quaint little book shop that now serves food and wine. I didn't buy anything this year, but I made a new friend.  His name is Socks. He was quite popular with the cat lovers on Instagram.

Shop at South End Outfitters
This is a store in Topsail this year with great lines like Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama, and the newly popular Southern Tide.  My kids scored new sunglasses this year, and Will bought some shorts.  Apparently, I was the frugal one, but I'll be back next year.

Also, be sure to check out my feature on the wine I took to the beach this year on Skimbaco Lifestyle. 

Great places to visit in Topsail Beach, NC. A family-friendly coastal destination in the South in North Carolina. Lots of activities and restaurants for families.

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