#FamilyTravel: Grab a Table at The Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg

Say Cheese!

Deli and Market in Colonial Williamsburg
The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg via @Hinessightblog Instagram

The Cheese Shop is an adorable and delectable eatery in the Merchant's Square area of Colonial Williamsburg. This locally-owned restaurant is outside the main entrance to the historic area, which requires an admission ticket. Unlike some of the Williamsburg taverns, you can dine here without an admission ticket. The Cheese Shop has been a staple in Colonial Williamsburg for over 40 years. 

The Cheese Shop made an impression on me, and I will return. Next time, I want to spend more time in the wine area. 

The Cheese Shop is wine, beer, cheese, deli, gourmet foodie store, all in one. When it's busy, and it certainly was on the day we visited, it can be a little confusing on what to do because people are waiting everywhere for their food and space is limited. 

Since it resembles a market, you order sandwiches at the counter. You grab chips from the chip aisle and you grab a drink down the drink aisle, and you don't pay until you leave the store. 

Bread is made fresh daily. Cheeses and meats are of the highest qualities, and truthfully, the prices are extremely reasonable.  It's casual.   It's fresh.  It's good.  Depending on how busy it is, your wait may be long.  It took us about 25 minutes to get our sandwiches, and thank goodness, we arrived before 100 Boy Scouts walked in the door.  Your lunch is bagged, and then you head outside to a table on Duke of Gloucester Street. Seating is at a premium. 

Cheese Sandwich at The Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg

The Cheese Shop is known for its homemade house dressing.  When in Williamsburg, give this local restaurant a try. 

Want to Go:
The Cheese Shop
410 W Duke of Gloucester Street
Williamsburg,  Va

The Cheese Shop is Colonial Williamsburg is in Merchant's Square and is great for a quick lunch or dinner with the kids

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