Personal: Wonder Woman and the Scary Guy

Where do you begin after taking two months off from this blog? That has never happened before.  Unfortunately, I didn't come back today with a snazzy new design or rebrand. I'm just coming back to this writing space because I needed to get back to the HinesSightBlog. Life got in the way with buying a house, selling a house, moving, and serving as PTA President.  You know the drill. You have busy lifestyles, too.

It's not that I didn't have anything to say. It's just that I didn't have time to write it down. And my new house. Well, it's just a mess right now. But, that's OK.  I'm back now and I've got some stories to tell. Oh, so many stories and new ideas.

I'll be quick today and say that my kids are growing up. We had to get a creepy costume this year and he took to his role quite well. No more cuteness from him, I guess. And Wonder Woman?  Well, she knows  how to rock some Michael Kors gold boots and strike a pose.

In our new house, we gave out over 500 pieces of candy. It was quite a night.

During the past two months, I did write some freelance pieces for Skimbaco Lifestyle. Check out the fall edition of Autumn Spice.

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