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Tis the season to be merry, jolly, and share all that we do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and some other social media app that I don't know how to use yet. It's hard for this forty-something blogger to keep up with today's technology, but I try. 

My children can learn something a lot more quickly me.  If your family doesn't own an Intel tablet then I'm excited to announce that I'm going to give you the opportunity to win one. My thanks to Intel's security education program for asking me to work with them to remind readers about some simple cyber safety tips. 

Santa may be putting lots of new phones and tablets under your Christmas tree this year. As a precaution, remember to activate anti-theft trackingMost phones come with it installed: for Apple it's Find My iPhone, for Android it's the Device Manager. None of us want our devices stolen, but with these apps installed, you’ll be able to find your phone’s exact location before Santa could eat a plate of cookies. 

Also remember to lock your device with a passcode. It will help protect your vital, personal information.  

A two-step verification process also makes it much more difficult for hackers. Many cloud apps offer two-factor authentication (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LastPass, and so on). If you use a password anywhere, check if that site offers the service.

This next tip, is the hardest one to remember sometimes because we do things on a whim, and it's so much fun to show the sights we see on our vacations, but it really is the most important tip out there. Make sure you have your privacy settings high on your social media accounts so that people that you don't know well, are not aware you are away on vacation for the holidays. Intel actually recommends that it is best to stay off of social media the entire trip because you never know what thief may be targeting you.  

Facebook Status:  Look, we're not home. We're at Disney.  :) 
Make sure the general public cannot see your personal facebook photos that announce that you are away
from your home. Intel recommends posting photos upon your return, and staying off of social media during the holidays when thieves especially target homes for break-ins. They are hoping you left your new computer and tablet behind. 
And finally, if you use geo-tag on your device,  label "home" as something else. Using her own address could lead criminals right to your home. 

Check the Intel Education Safety Page for even more tips, and it even have some tips on how to use your browser for secure shopping, and to shop airline fares incognito so airfare prices won't jump if a lot of people are searching a particular flight.  Interesting!

So, it's now your turn to share how you keep your family cyber-space, and enter this great giveaway sponsored by Intel. One lucky reader will win the New Dell Venue 7. You can see it {here.}  The giveaway ends at midnight on December 15, 2013. One winner will be drawn at random. 

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Intel, and I was compensated for my time to write this post.  I currently do not own the tablet that is being given away, and I have never used that particular item.  

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