How to Start Your Morning on Vacation

I thought it was only fitting for my 500th blog post that I focus on two things I love this week for #IGTRAVELThursday: Coffee and Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

This Instagram photo from @TheRitzCarlton account spoke to me on so many levels when I spotted it in my feed This shot was taken in Amelia Island, Florida. (Another place on my long list of resorts/places I want to visit.)

@TheRitzCarlton on Instagram #AmeliaIsland

Why did it move me so much? You're probably thinking, "It's just a mug. What's so great about that?" When I am on vacation, I still want to do some of the same things I do at home. For me, that means waking up and having a cup of coffee or tea. However, when I have that first cup of coffee or tea on vacation, it's usually in a prettier place or destination, and not in front of my computer screen.  This photo made me look forward to a resort beach vacation.

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony and seeing this view of the pool area at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island would be dreamy.

@TheRitzCarlton on IG-Amelia Island

During the summer at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, the luxury resort offers coffee, juice and fruit from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on the North Beach to watch the sunrise. I think starting your morning with coffee and a sunrise is a good way to start your day. I start my morning with a cup of coffee every where I am, and sometimes, it is severed with a very good view.

Yes, it's beach time again. I'll be on North Carolina's coast in a few weeks so make sure you follow @HinesSightBlog on Instagram or @LeighPHines for my personal account. 

Coffee at Topsail Beach in North Carolina via @HinesSightBlog

Join us this week for #IGTRAVELThursday.

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