4 N.C. Hotels that Include Breakfast in the Room Rates

When I visit a hotel property for my "Pack Your Bags" features, I don't like to bombard my Instagram feed with too many photos at one time. I feel that sometimes less is best, and it's really hard for me because you all know how much I love hotels. I sometimes want to IG the "you know what" out of everything I see or experience. We've discussed this topic before in an IG post last year, and many people have many different views on the subject of how many photos one should post in one day

However, after going through my IG feed, I am finding that there is a common theme of what I post when I do share photos. I think you all know that I enjoy food, and when breakfast is included in a hotel's room rate then I think that is a great perk and worth sharing the experience, if it is a good one. There is also something nice about walking to the lobby, ordering breakfast, and only having to leave a tip. If you have a great breakfast then you're off to a really good start to your day.

This was a good start for me at the King's Daughter's Inn in Durham, N.C

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The Inn's famous chocolate chip waffles

The Fearrington House Inn in Pittsboro, N.C. is known for its food. Breakfast is included in the room rate and it's even a culinary experience at 9 a.m. Just say yes to the blueberry pancakes!

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The Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis, N.C. is home to the Southern mountain breakfast. Each day of the week, the Inn serves something different to its guest. We caught a day when cheese grits, bacon, eggs, and biscuits were on the menu.

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Breakfast is also included in the room rate at The Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill, N.C.  OK. I have to admit that I ordered room service when staying there because I was too lazy to get dressed to go downstairs that particular morning, but breakfast would have been included in the room rate if I had eaten in the restaurant.  However, I  must admit that this was the most reasonable room service breakfast menu that I had ever experienced in a hotel. The entire bill was less than $30 including tip.

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As you know, I travel to a lot of luxury hotels and anytime breakfast is included in the room rate, it's a great perk.  It's also a savings to your vacation. Breakfast in a luxury hotel can run as much $45 to $60 for two adults and two children, depending on where you are staying.

HinesSight Tip: When searching for hotel room rates, always check to see if breakfast is included. If it is not, then search to see if there is a Bed and Breakfast package at the hotel. Typically, the bed and breakfast rates are not that much more than a regular room rate. It's worth the upgrade because breakfast in a luxury hotel restaurant will typically cost more than what is reflected in the room price difference. Also, hotels will sometimes offer family packages where kids get breakfast free.

This was the case at the Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park when I secured a bed and breakfast rate when I passed through Asheville for the night. This was my son's made-to-order chocolate chip pancakes in Roux, the main restaurant in the hotel.

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Roux has a breakfast buffet, and breakfast can be included in some packages. 

I don't always eat like a queen for breakfast when I travel. Sometimes, I just grab coffee and yogurt. But, yogurt is just not as fun to photograph and put on Instagram.

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