Discover Marche in Italy: Sunsets and Wine

IGTRAVELThursday is always the first Thursday of the month. The goal of our community is to promote Instagram as a way to showcase travel. Our November link-up is here so today I'm continuing to share my Italian journey with you. I visited the Marche region in October.

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After we left Gradara, we drove through the winding hills, which are reminiscent of the Tuscany area, and stopped at the entrance of Tenuta Carlina winery. 

It was the perfect spot to capture this Italian sunset. 

Sunsets and Wine in Marche, Italy, Tenuta Carlini Winery, Marche, Italy, Sunsets

Same sunset. Different spot and angle. 

Sunsets in Italy, vineyards, Le Marche region

After seeing something that beautiful, I didn't think it was possible to top the sunset as a highlight of the night. But, I was wrong. We piled into our press van, and drove up the Tenuta Carlini driveway. In the driveway sat a black Spider sports car and a black BMW SUV, parked beside the most gorgeous Italian villa. 

wines in Italy, Tenuta Carlini winery
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This beautiful, renovated villa is the home to Tenuta Carlini winery, owned by Andrea Carlini, and his wife, Angela Benwi. 

Andrea Carlini and his wife, Angela, owner of Tenuta Carlini Winery in Italy
Andrea Carlini and Angela Benwi
This gorgeous and chic couple were our hosts for the evening. Tenuta Carlini vineyards sits on 10-acres in the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park in the Marche region of Italy. When Andrea was a university student in the late eighties, he decided to explore Viticulture, where he studied the grapes of an old vineyard. His passion led him to plant new vineyards, using scions of indigenous grapes of old vines, which are still considered the best clones of Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Albanella. The whole process is way over my head, but the bottom line is that the vineyard is small thus allowing a limited production, and the quality is exceptional. The wine is wonderful. Tenuta Carlini is considered to be one of the best wine makers in Central Italy. 

wines at Tenuta Carlini, limited production wines,

We tasted three wines, and a brut Andrea made the brut in honor of his wife, who is a professional violinist. The label showcases a violin and the brut is called Pianeta Classico. His gift was a complete surprise to her. Italians are so romantic. 

Brut by Tenuta Carlini in Le marche region

Andrea Carlini named Tenuta Carlini Brut in honor of his wife

When I was there that evening, I instagrammed the following: 

"I have died and gone to Italy heaven. A private wine tasting in Le Marche region. #ilikemarche"

beautiful vineyard in Italy, Tenuta Carlini
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It was a lovely and memorable evening.  Bellissimo!

Italian entertaining, Tenuta Carlini Winery

Andrea and Angela plan to turn the beautiful villa at the winery into a bed and breakfast in the future as well. 

Want to Go: 
Strada Fontanelle, 3.61121
Fiorenzuola di Focaara

Tips for Travelers wanting to Travel to  Le Marche, Italy

We stayed in Hotel Sans Souci in Gabicce Mare on the night we visited the ruins of the San Bartolo National Park, Gradara, and the Tenuta Carlini winery. We had a delightful dinner at Falco Ristorante before returning to our hotel. The next day we checked out, and explored the cities of Pesaro, Fano, and Senigallia.  To begin to plan your trip to the Marche region, start by visiting the Discover Marche website. The Le Marche region is diverse, and I have it linked to the area I traveled on this press visit.

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Disclosure: I was fully-hosted blogger for TBDItaly, and the press trip to this area of Marche was part of my experience. 

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