Eating Healthier and Local with Papa Spud's Farm to Fork Delivery Service

I think I may do something life-changing with my eating habits.

Eathing Healthier with Farm to Fork Delivery Service: Papa Spud's

Many people have already made this change and are loving it.  I have always been intrigued with the concept of farm-fresh produce being delivered to my home on a weekly basis, but then I saw a person on Facebook post, "Need help. I just got a bunch of collards in my box, and I don't know how to cook them."

Don't get me wrong. I love collards, and I love them even more with some vinegar on top. However, that social media post made nervous. I was afraid I would get something in a box that I didn't want or not know how to cook. Then what? Is that money wasted? Yes, the thought of farm to fork delivery service appealed to me, but I'm not really a true foodie. I love to eat farm-to-table cuisine when Chef Colin Bedford cooks it.  But, do I have the skill to take a pumpkin and turn it the best pumpkin cake ever?

Pumpkin cake made from Papa Spud's pumpkins in farm to fork delivery service

But, Papa Spud's showed me that when you eat farm-fresh, the taste can't be beat. Let's just say that the pumpkin cake was the best pumpkin anything I have ever tasted.

Last week, I went to an information session hosted by Papa-Spud's, the  Cary-based Farm to Fork delivery service. Founder, Rob Myer, spoke about why he started this business.

local and fresh food delivery; Papa Spud's serving Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

It's simple Food tastes better from the farm, and buying from local farms helps our farmers stay in business.

He talked about how produce travels for days before reaching the grocery stores. A fruit's taste will change by the time it reaches the consumer. And interestingly enough, I had purchased some raspberries from a grocery store the day before this event. While he was speaking,  I thought about those raspberries riding down I-40. I kid you not. The next day, those raspberries were like mush. I basically had to throw them out. As I was throwing dollars down the trash in the form of mushy raspberries, I thought of Rob's presentation, and wondered just how long those grocery store raspberries had been traveling around.

Produce box from Papa Spud's

With Papa Spud's, you can tailor your own produce box. If you don't want collards then you don't order collards. The Papa Spud's blog includes recipes, which I certainly need, but with the Internet now, any recipe is at your fingertips. And best of all, you can transfer your credits over to the next month, if you don't use all of your credits in one delivery.

Buying from our farmers help their income throughout the year. Food is fresher. Let's face it. Having food, meats, and cheeses delivered on your doorstep is also kind of luxurious.

I think Papa Spud's may be for me. I've not yet signed up because I didn't know if I should do it before the holidays, but that may be the perfect time. I'll be home most of December, and it will be a good time to get started.

It's more than just veggies at Papa Spud's

There is no risk involved. If you are not happy, you can cancel at anytime without penalty. I also looked at a price list. Some items cost less than what you buy at a grocery store while other items may be a few cents more. I found the pricing to be affordable. For example, I buy a lot of red peppers. Liza eats them as snacks. At Harris Teeter last week, they were $2.99 each. At Papa Spud's, the going rate was $1.50 that week.  It is sweet potato season right now. Harris Teeter priced potatoes at $1.13 a pound whereas Papa Spud's sweet potatoes came in at $1.00 per pound.  Broccoli at Harris Teeter was $2.69 whereas broccoli that week at Papa Spud's,  broccoli was $3.00. In most cases, Papa Spud's was either cheaper or very comparable.

Papa Spud's price list; comparable to grocery stores. Some cases cheaper.

Rob knows affordability is very important to families, as well as convenience. Papa Spud's delivers throughout Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake County.

Visit Papa Spud's and change the way you get groceries.  This is my referral link because I'm now a customer.

If you join this service, let me know and be sure to tell me what you will be asking for in your box. There are over 200 items available , including baked goods, cheese, and honey. I think using this service will help me learn to eat what is in season like farmers intended for all of us to do.

Disclosure:  I had a few free fabulous fall cocktails mixed by Ilina Ewen of the blog, Dirt and Noise and longtime, Papa Spud's customer. It was a great party, and all the food came from one little box. I ate well. So well, that it convinced me I should try it, too. I will receive customer credits to my account if you choose to use the service. 

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