Luxury Hotel Secrets: White Hot Chocolate at Home from The Umstead Hotel and Spa

We know the story. You couldn't secure a babysitter for the biggest romantic night of the year. Yeah, that happens. 

It's going to be chilly in North Carolina this weekend so put those kids to bed,and pretend that you are sitting by the fire at my hometown's five-star hotel, The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Warm up with Herons pastry chef Evan Sheridan's recipe for decadent white hot chocolate.

Luxury Hotel Secrets: White Hot Chocolate recipe from Umstead Hotel and  Spa
White Hot  Chocolate from Herons in Cary, N.C. 

Evan also makes some wonderful chocolate confections that are sold in the hotel's gift store. The gift store is a wonderful resource for North Carolina art and gifts. 


White Hot Chocolate from Herons Pastry Chef Evan Sheridan

·         2 oz low sugar white chocolate
·         1 tsp salt
·         1 tbs cornstarch
·         1 qt whole milk
·         2 ea green cardamom
·         1 ea Ceylon cinnamon stick
·         2 ea star anise

·         Slowly heat the milk with the spices
·         Turn off the heat when the mixture comes to a simmer
·         Cover and allow steeping for approximately 15 minutes

To Finish
·         Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and add the salt
·         Mix cornstarch with a small amount of water to create “slurry”
·         Heat the milk to a simmer and pour in the cornstarch slurry (whisking the entire time)
·         Simmer for approximately 5 minutes while whisking
·         Turn off the heat and pour in the white chocolate
·         Garnish with Grand Marnier, a cinnamon stick, some lightly sweetened whipped cream, and an orange twist.

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Banana Bombe served with coconut ice cream, lime parfait and macadamia nut sable, beautifully presented by @theumstead pastry chef @evanjsheridan. Thanks for tagging us Umstead. Desserts at The Umstead are part of Herons menu and are also served in the Bar and Lounge. Great place for drinks and a casual dinner. You may find our founder @hinessightblog on the terrace or by the fire often. It is one of her favorite #local places in #RDU.
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