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Something new is brewing every Sunday on the HinesSightBlog, and I hope you grab your coffee and join me. When I started this blog four years ago, it started without a purpose. I was simply a stay-at-home Mom to two children who always had big career dreams of perhaps being a travel writer, columnist, and business owner. It was a joy to have this blog as my space for a creative outlet. I didn't have any social media handles back then and very little demands of my time other than my children's needs. I had time in 2011 to write and chat with other bloggers who shared some of the same interests as me. We shared recipes. We shared travels. But, more importantly, we shared stories. It was an inspiring time. I met some of my new best friends thanks to my taking the guts to hit publish on a blog.

Coffee at La Farm Bakery in Cary, N.C. 
I enjoyed grabbing a cup of coffee, (back then it was tea, and now I'm back to coffee drinking in Raleigh), sitting at my desk and reading the internet. Truthfully, there is nothing like the early blogging days when you have the excitement of a blank canvas at your fingertips and the highs of meeting new people who have similar interests.

That feeling of nostalgia and the desire to get back to my original story sharing roots has led me to say yes to a fellow UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Tanya of Mom's Small Victories, as a co-host for her popular "Small Victories Sunday Link-Up" where bloggers share their best content weekly. I've always liked to tell stories, but without the consistency of a schedule, those stories would always get placed on the backburner.


We are all very busy people. Life is not always easy. In fact, it's hard. It can be demanding and difficult. Life is not always fun or happy. Tanya's positive theme of sharing small victories resonates with me as a way of changing the way we think toward positive inspirations.

You're with me, right? It's like on a Friday afternoon you want to celebrate the small victory of getting through  another week of school. You did it. You got there on time, all papers signed,  lunches packed, and they did not miss the bus.  But, sometimes our small victories get lost in the big picture. It's time to change that way of thinking.

For us, it really was a victory getting through school this week. We successfully completed one week of school and we all stayed alive. By the end of this week, I was sitting in the garage honking furiously as my 4th grader ran around the inside of our house trying to find his misplaced sunglasses. Thanks to that fiasco, we now have a spot in a place that his beloved glasses must rest each evening.

And the youngest child? Well, she is doing great in kindergarten, but her precious teacher saw her wrath on Tuesday when another child broke her headband when she grabbed it off of Liza's towel during rest time. I had the following Class Dojo message from her sweet teacher.

"Just a heads up. Liza's headband broke and she is so upset. She's having a meltdown and we cannot get her off the floor. I've tried comforting her."

By the time I got the message she was fine, and I received a photo of her happily putting paper dots on her name later in the day. She told me she felt better when the assistant teacher fixed her headband by putting "duct tape" on it so she could wear it the rest of the day.

Long lives the "Elsa blue" headband. It's now in the drawer where she keeps all of her other broken ones that she deems too special to throw away. It now lies in its final resting place with her beloved ivory and pearl headband. In other words, there is now more junk in her bedrooms drawers. And her teacher got a great story to tell her husband that evening.

Don't let pesky fruit flies run you out of the kitchen. Catch them with these easy tips and trap.

And my final small victory this week is that I made a trap to rid my kitchen of pesky fruit flies. I really cannot imagine life before there was "Google."  Seriously, how did we do anything? This fruit fly trap works best with white wine and a little honey. Cork the wine bottle with a coffee filter, poke a small hole into the filter, and leave the bottle on the counter overnight. The next morning, you will see fruit flies in the bottle. Pour hot water through the cone and they all should be dead. Repeat until all the pesky critters are gone.

White wine works best. I tried ripe bananas in the bottle the next day and my instructions said the "fruit flies were too dumb" to fly out of the bottle. I don't believe that because I saw fruit flies in the bottle with the bananas, but the next day they were all gone, and the same was true for when I used red wine as bait. The only thing that worked for me was white wine, but I, unfortunately, drank all of my white wine and didn't have any left to trap fruit flies on day two and three. Fruit flies are a pain in my boot.

Seriously, this is why I've not been on social media or have written another feature. I've been too busy going back and forth to school and catching fruit flies.

Each week, I'll be sharing more things with you, and I hope we can connect a little. Tell me at least one small victory you had this week, and if you are a blogger this is your chance to link up your best content for everyone to find in one place.

 The Small Victory Linkup

This linkup is designed to share your BEST posts to inspire our fast growing community of readers. Share with us anything that will help others live a happier and healthier life. Sunday is the perfect day to reflect and celebrate the week that passed and look forward to the week ahead.

This linkup is open all week long so feel free to stop by anytime, it's never too late to linkup with us.

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