Holiday Gift Guide for the Person Who Needs No More Stuff

Some of you may be shopping as we are on the countdown for the holidays. Me? Well, my husband has declared it "declutter in the Hines House" day.  That's not my idea of fun at all.  But, I'm part of the reason we have so much clutter. I have a difficult time letting go of things. I don't collect things, but I always feel as if I need that brochure, magazine, or business card for research on my next story.

Before I get to decluttering, I wanted to suggest a great holiday gift idea of great scents and wellness this year because it's the perfect gift for the person who already has a lot of stuff. We all know that they don't need more stuff except for the things they can use in their lives. You know the person I'm talking about. They do not need another book, dish towel, candle, or figurine.  They are your person on your list who needs no more stuff.

Holiday Gift Idea for the Person who Needs no More Stuff. Give the Gift of Scents and Wellness.

I've been using Young Living products for two years and certainly have my favorite products in the inventory. I like the quality and what I buy.  I adore my bamboo diffuser, and instead of candles, I diffuse great scents in my home without the risk of being exposed to toxins, or the risk of a fire. I've thrown away almost every candle in my home except one or two for a power outage. Instead, I have essential oils and essential oil blends.

Other than my years of experience covering spas in luxury hotels, I knew very little about essential oils and have really taken this year as a year to learn more.  I've learned a lot and when I do spa interviews now, I feel as if I know so much more about the wellness and therapeutic benefits of those visits. I've also learned that you don't always have to spend several hundred dollars at a spa to get the same benefits at home.

I adore the scent of Thanksgiving in my home and I can have it anytime I want without cooking a pumpkin pie or Turkey.

Holiday Diffuser Recipe with Essential Oils

Here's my holiday secret Diffusing recipe:
                                                     3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
                                                     3 drops of Clove Essential Oil
                                                     3 drops of Christmas Spirit Essential Oil        

The catalog for Young Living products is very extensive.  From protein powders to cleaning products, there is something for all. A good place to start is with the EveryDay Oils. I use their supplements as well. If you've never heard of Young Living then now is the time to start learning.

The gift of essential oils and what some of the oils do. It's purpose. It helps with Mind, Home, Internal Support, Skin and Body Care, and Mind.

I am also a big advocate now of the Thieves products to use for household cleaning products. I make all of my own cleaning products and am saving money by doing this. I gave up my own house cleaners and decided to do it myself. I have to say that my house is cleaner and I never knew how much dirt was really around before I gave up the professional cleaners. I feel so much better not having those strong chemicals around, but now I have the safe scents of pine and lemon.

Cleaning with Essential Oils. Thieves.

Disclosure: Affiliate links. Opinions about the products are my own. 

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