A Detox Soup for Cold Winter Days: Cabbage and Tomatoes Fat-Burning Soup

This is an older soup recipe that I published on the blog in 2014, but I felt it was time for a reboot, especially after coming off travels where I dined out many days in a row. I had delicious food recently while in Roanoke, Virginia, but I did not stick to the lower-carb diet that I've been committed to lately. I

I plan to make my version of this fat-burning soup as soon as I buy some cabbage and tomatoes at the store.  It will be perfect for lunches at home this week, especially since we are in a frigid temperature deep freeze in North Carolina. This cabbage soup recipe has been around a long time for weight loss, but I think it's just divine as a soup, and if you want a really good meal then add ground beef to it.  It's still low-carb and delicious.  

I've yet to find the time to give you an update on 20-pound weight loss journey and how I did it. I promise it is coming soon, but I need to have uninterrupted time to write.  Time has been a precious commodity lately. 

Fat Burning Soup with Cabbage and Tomatoes; Winter Detox Soup

This cabbage and tomato based soup is good because it's packed with so many wonderful veggies. Cabbage is such a low-cost item in the produce section as well. You can use fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes. Of course, in the winter months, canned tomatoes will be more cost-effective. 

Fat Burning Soup with Cabbage and Tomatoes; Winter Detox Soup

This soup is part of a rigid medical diet that you can follow for weight loss or you can just enjoy the soup like I do, but it does give your body a good detox.  The first time I ever made the soup, it banished water retention and I lost four pounds. That's great for coming off several days of eating restaurant food, but I do not think the seven-day diet is healthy. It was designed as a quick weight loss plan for overweight heart patients before surgery.   

Fat-Burning Soup with Shitake Mushrooms

I will more than likely make this soup in my Instant Pot this time.  I will also use bone broth, red pepper flakes and perhaps even toss in red cabbage. You can make this soup your own. Carrots could work, too, but they are a little higher in carbs so I think it depends on your purpose in making the soup. Right now, I just want to keep warm and get lots of vegetables.

Green Onions in Fat-Burning Soup

Basic Fat-Burning Soup with Cabbage and Tomatoes. 
(my version)

6 large green onions
2 large cans of tomatoes
1 large head of cabbage, chopped
1 bunch of celery
shitake mushrooms for flavoring
1 hot pepper
2 cloves of chopped garlic
1/4 inch of Kombu seaweed
Vegetable Broth or Bone Broth. I used organic
Spices for flavoring: Your choice. I used a red pepper sauce, thyme, oregano, etc. 

Saute veggies in olive oil. Add tomatoes. Cover with a combination of broth and water.  Boil for ten minutes. Season it with items of your choice.  

Quick and Easy Fat Burning Soup with Cabbage and Tomatoes

Disclosures: This post contains an Amazon affiliate link for the very Instant Pot I own and use. My writing and time to share this recipe were made possible by PowerTech Electrical Services, your go-to guys for emergency electrical work in Durham, N.C. Thank you!

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