Skincare for Mature Skin: I found a Secret Weapon with this Natural Overnight Resurfacing Peel Cream (I don't Like It. I Love it)

In December, I turned fifty. I think that means my skin is officially called mature now.

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Skincare companies try to sell us daily on the perfect skincare regimen as most of us attempt to chase that fountain of youth. The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with very little safety regulations.  Some of it harms us. Some of it does nothing for us. And, unfortunately, a lot of good skincare results has to do with our genes.

My mom is 83. She is a prime example of someone doing very little in terms of skincare and people are shocked when they learn her age. She was not a sunbather and we all know that is a good thing when it comes to aging. She drinks very little alcohol (only when she is with my children for any length of time) and buys very inexpensive drugstore skincare products. I hope I look as good at 83.

I, on the other hand, have always been a cosmetic and skincare junkie. At the age of 13, a Lancome gift set was on my Christmas list.  I take two baths a day and always use a facial cleanser. I never ever go to bed with make-up on my face and in my fifty years on this earth, I do not think there has been one day that I never washed my face. I even use my cleanser on days I apply no make-up.

I have also learned that if I am not hydrated enough then my skin looks terrible and it emphasizes lines and wrinkles.

I have tried product after product. I have even stopped using products regularly because I would wonder if the product was too pricey and then I would buy a cheaper product.  Sometimes, I truly benefitted from the cheaper product and sometimes, not. I do not want to do botox. It's not on my radar.

Natural product that keeps skin glowing

What may work well for me may not have the same results on you, but I have a list of four products that I love and now buy regularly. One is a new product I bought in December for myself. I gifted one to my sister-in-law, too. I've not talked to her yet to ask how she feels about Beautycounter's Overnight Resurfacing Peel, but I am a fan.

I use this resurfacing peel three to four times a week. After using it, you need to follow up with a moisturizer for the best benefit. It's not a peel that you take off. It seeps into your skin and I found that it helps with my skin's texture. I can certainly tell a difference on the mornings that I have used it the night before.  Again, it's not for daily use, but I do it several times a week.

Beautycounter Product

I love this skincare product. If you do not want to commit to a larger bottle, there is an overnight resurfacing peel travel size bottle at a more affordable price-point to get you started.  This is the size of the bottle I have currently and the size I bought my sister-in-law.

The other favorite products I love by Beautycounter and praise are the three facial oils.
The best for mature skin is the No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil, but I  love the No. 1 Brightening Oil. I tend to use these facial oils more as my daily and nightly moisturizer than I do actual moisturizers. The brightening oil is the product I prefer most. I've been using another Beautycounter serum in place of the brightening oil for about three months now because frankly, it was new and cheaper, but I plan to switch back to the original brightening oil.  I really miss it. It works better for me.  I also always keep the peppermint lip balm in stock.

Thanks to those who responded on my Instagram account who wanted to hear more about my skincare routine. If you have questions, you can contact me at any time.

This overnight resurfacing peel is a new beauty item that keeps skin glowing. Perfect for mature skin.

Disclosure: My time for writing this post is made possible by Flooring by Design, Durham, North  Carolina's local business for carpet cleaning. Thank you to my sponsors for keeping me at my desk writing.

I purchase Beautycounter at a consultant price point, which is at a discount over retail pricing. If you use my referral link to buy, I would earn commission. 

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