Why Busy People Need the Epicure Steamer

Since marrying my husband nineteen years ago, I've survived on a few pots and pans, a crockpot, a roasting pan, a toaster, a dutch oven, and an instant pot as the leading cookware in my kitchen.  I don't have a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to cookware. So what I'm about to tell you may surprise you based on my cookware buying history. 

One afternoon while scrolling through social media,  I discovered the Epicure website. This Canadian company had recently launched in the U.S. The concept behind its time-saving cookware and non-processed seasoning ingredients intrigued me. I stalked a few demonstrations on using its multipurpose steamer on social media. Eventually, I decided to purchase its value-kit for $99, including the steamer and several quick meal solutions and seasonings. 

All Epicure seasonings and meal solutions are non-processed, gluten-free, low in sodium and sugars, and you can pronounce every single ingredient in them. Epicure even has a never-list of ingredients that you will never find in its products. When you cook with Epicure products, you know what you are putting in your body, and that is important to me, just like it is when I use clean beauty. 

Chicken Parmesan in less than 20 minutes

Considering that I don't buy much for my kitchen, especially on a whim, this purchase was very out of character. Fast forward to six months later, and no doubt, this one steamer has been one of the best kitchen cookware tools of my life.  I use it almost every day and have now purchased the round, oval steamer for soups and rotisserie chicken. 

Epicure steamer saves so much time in the kitchen. It can be used in the microwave, oven and is dishwasher safe. 

The Multipurpose steamer is a true workhorse in the kitchen. You can cook an entire meal. You can steam veggies in minutes right from the freezer. You can steam frozen chicken, ground beef, pork, seafood. You can cook rice, pasta, eggs, make soups, and so much more. It's truly spectacular. I cannot imagine not having this steamer.  It has made my life in the kitchen so much easier and has helped me get meals on the table for my family quicker. 

This past Thanksgiving in 2020 is when I truly learned of this steamer's power in the kitchen. I, fortunately, have two ovens. However, I'm Southern, and a traditional southern Thanksgiving menu calls for casseroles. Southern food requires some pre-cooking before you assemble sweet potatoes, squash, or cranberries into its main dishes for the menu.  I looked at my Thanksgiving menu, and I needed to save time because I had several things that needed to be pre-cooked before becoming the main dish, and each pre-cooking would have taken up to thirty to sixty minutes in the oven. 

I also steamed the sweet potatoes in ten minutes.  It was ready to turn into a sweet potato casserole. I cooked squash in the same amount and cooked cranberries in 20 minutes, coated in sugar. It was amazing the time I saved, and that, in truth, when I learned the power of this Epicure steamer. I knew after Thanksgiving that everyone needed to learn what this one product could do, and right then, I added the company as a blog affiliate. 

Epicure offers a bundle value of the steamer and the Good Mexican Real Fast Seasoning Kit plus the ctirus press, or you can purchase the steamer alone for $52.50 in U.S dollars. 

I use the Epicure steamer almost daily to cook one or two chicken tenderloins for my daughter.  She likes sauteed chicken in butter as her protein, so I take a frozen tenderloin, steam it for two minutes, add my favorite Epicure Souvlaki seasoning, then sautee the tenderloin in butter on the stove.  It takes no time to get her a quick meal before cheer practice.  Sometimes, she is at the cheer gym for five hours a night, so she has to eat earlier than the rest of us. The Epicure multipurpose steamer has helped us so much with our busy schedules during the week. 

I promise you that you will never look back once you purchase.  I have found I can plan meals on a whim if I keep seasonings, produce, and meat in stock at all times.  I have even lowered my grocery bill, and I'm eating nothing processed. Epicure seasonings have hardly any sugars or sodium in them, so I control my sodium by adding salt back into the cooking. 

When someone cooks with processed foods by well-known grocery store brands, they are not used to adding sodium back because most of the food contains more sodium than you need per day in one serving. I think this is the one thing you do need to get used to when it comes to cooking with Epicure meal solutions and seasonings. 

Epicure steamer recipes ... The Epicure steamer is a magical tool that will make your life easier. What is the Steamer? The steamer cooks healthy meals in minutes

However, the reduced added sugars have helped me maintain my weight over the past six months. Some people naturally lose weight because of that, but that has to be in line with portions and exercise. 

Epicure is…..

⭐23-year-old Canadian meal solutions company, brand new to the USA!

⭐Raw to ready meals in 20 minutes or less!

⭐Affordable and value-driven! Meals break down to approx $2.50 per serving, including the “cook from fresh” meal kits and groceries!

⭐All products are 100% Gluten Free & Peanut Free!!

⭐Non-GMO Project Verified!

⭐Sodium and sugar conscious!

⭐All ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced!

⭐Free from over 100 harmful ingredients found in most store brands!

You can make steamer mashed potatoes in under 15 minutes. 

You can make 4-minute steamer salmon and asparagus. You can cook salmon from frozen, but you would need to adjust. The entire time from prep to cooking is less than 15-minutes. 

Epicure steamer beef and broccoli pasta is a customer favorite ready in under 20 minutes. 

Do your kids like Mac and Cheese? Epicure has some of the best Mac and Cheese seasoning I have tasted. It can be made on the stove or in the steamer.  It's so easy. 

You can even make desserts and popcorn in the steamer.  I have an entire database of recipes that I share in my A Dash of Flavor with Leigh Powell Hines Facebook group.  I hope you join me there. 

How this steamer can help busy people in the kitchen. It can help you get dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less

Below is the value kit I purchased for $99 when I discovered Epicure. It includes the multipurpose steamer, the Great Mexican seasoning kit with digital recipes, prep bowls, a cookbook, scissors, the cutting board, a citrus press, plus your own website for sharing.  One does not have to be a blogger to purchase the kit.  Anyone can buy and buy from their own website or open an Epicure store in your community. 

Currently, I am about one out of 1500 U.S stores, and we have several states that do not even have representation. Contact me for more information. I love this company not only because it's healthy but it is a time-saver for me.  It has helped me so much with mealtime. For every Mac and Cheese Meal Solution purchased, Epicure donates a meal to organizations that help curb hunger in the U.S and Canada. 

Learn why this Epicure steamer is a must-have kitchen tool for busy people

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