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It’s an icy day in Carolina! My hubby left the rear wheel drive car in the garage, and took the company truck that he brought home yesterday to work so that means its just me and the kids like any other normal week day. My daughter is napping and my five-year-old son is absorbing knowledge from PBS since pre-school is closed.

I just had to write today about my excitement when I learned that Tilty Cup tweeted my blog to their followers. I had to put down my English Breakfast tea, jump up and down in my robe, and immediately tell all of my friends on Facebook.

The social-networking site is about as far as my technology experience goes right now so I don’t Tweet—yet, but I love Facebook.

This may surprise you, but I was in college at UNC-Chapel Hill before the Internet and e-mail buzz. It really is hard to believe since technology is such a part of our lives now. Both my roommate and boyfriend had word processors so I used to type my papers on their computers. In high school, I took a computer class where we learned some type of computer programming, and our end result ,was a blinking smiling face on the computer screen. Obviously, I didn’t retain much of that knowledge and can’t make my computer smile at me to this day.

I don’t have an IPAD, BlackBerry, Smart phone or anything smart or savvy like that at all. Actually, I have a phone that I forget to turn on, and it’s so old that when my husband takes it in to get us new phones, the young phone salesman says, “I haven’t seen one of these type of phones in years!” That should tell you something right there about our technology skills. My best friend has to remind me to turn my phone on before we meet one another because she tried to meet me some place sometime, and the place we were going with our children was closed and she couldn’t get up with me to change locations because my old phone was off in my purse. She finally went home with an unhappy pre-schooler that didn't get a chance to play with my son.

She’s also the same one who got me to sign up for Facebook, reluctantly I might add, a couple of years ago.  I said, “Well, I’ll do it to look at your profile because I love you, but I won’t use it much because I think that is for college kids.”  I have to admit, I fell in love with it, use it more than her, and even got my 75 year old mom on the site so she could see photos of the kids because I refused to upload them to photo printing sites any longer.

I wish Facebook existed when I was at Chapel Hill or I would never have lost touch with my college friends. We would have had so much fun through the years. We’ve all reconnected now on Facebook except one friend. She is the lone holdout and we make fun of her because she doesn’t know anything when we get together.   It’s funny, in my posh dorm; we did have a “Look-Book” that was published with a photo and hometown of the students who lived in the three towers. I loved that book, too  just like I love Facebook.  My friends and I would look at it and develop little crushes. Sometimes, we would see our “Look-Book” crush in the cheeseburger or ice cream line. Those were the days!

So, if you’re reading this and like what you read, join the Hines-Site Blog fan page on Facebook, and keep up with the latest updates.  Suggest the blog to your friends, too.  I probably won’t be abbreviating anything in my communications because I don’t know how to "text" talk.  I learned recently that my phone accepts text e-mails, but I don’t know how to text back or even put in contact numbers.  I really hate to admit this, but my friends actually put in their numbers for me.

It's no surprise that when I first read the acronym SAHM a few years back, I had to ask one of my Savvy moms what that meant. It sounded like some disease! I’m serious. Well, when Tilty called me a SAHM in their tweet, my two biggest blog fans (my mom and mother-in-law) tried to figure that acronym out like I did at one time. My mother-in-law said she thought it meant, “Savvy at Home Mom”. I actually like that much better than how “Stay-At-Home-Mom” sounds. I think that is how I will think of it. The best one yet though is from my dear father-in-law who is so sweet and is my third biggest fan, he wrote, “Congrats, but they not only reversed the I and the E in your first name, they called you a "Single At-Home-Mom”

Til next time…naptime is over, and I’m off to have a cup of tea!

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