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It’s snowing in Carolina! This is our first winter weather of 2011, but surprisingly, Old Man Winter visited us several times in December, and even gave us a white Christmas weekend. Luckily, JH has some boots for whatever this snow decides to do today. Last month, he had to use his tennis shoes with sandwich bags on his feet to help keep them dry. He didn’t like it and I’m sad to say that it didn’t work very well. I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now….it was his daddy’s idea; not mine. Big W had said that he had done it before when mountain climbing, and it worked. I don’t know what I was thinking? I actually tried to squeeze his feet in his old boots that were a size too small. You know…women are used to doing that type of thing with their own clothes occasionally, and we can get those pants to zip. It just takes a few tries! When my brilliant idea didn’t work then we resorted to Mr. Ziploc. He may have the strength to protect your sandwich from moisture, but he lacks on keeping your feet dry in the snow. Don’t even try it at home!

I wish I were one of those people who always had great tips, and the tips worked well. It’s just not in my DNA. I have to rely on others to give me those tips. I would love to be the savvy mom who could find great products or the mom who could invent great cooking tips that not only save time, but also money. I have to rely on others for all that information. I’m more of the fly by the seat of my pants mom, and when I’m flying by you, I want my behind to be in designer jeans, and that’s not good because that is not ideal for the family budget. So, when I’m flying by on my sometimes broomstick, it will always be the same pair of designer jeans because I can only afford one pair; not two. You get the idea!

But let’s talk about a great find that I, of course, did not discover own my own. One of Little L's little friends was drinking from this unusual looking cup at a tea I held for her on her birthday.

The inside of the cup tilted so that it was easy for the baby to drink the liquid. It was also BPA free. I didn’t really notice the cup or pay attention at the tea because I was too busy eating scones, but my best friend (you know like Oprah’s, Gayle) kept talking about this cup long after the party, and she and I e-mail about 20 times a day so we got on a sippy cup discussion.

As curious as I am, I looked up the cup. It’s a Tilty Cup. Little L, at the time, refused to drink from a cup at all, especially milk. I spent over $25 or more dollars trying out different cups, and she would push them away if milk was in them. Occasionally, she would take a sip of water, but I was not having success transitioning to cups at all. My friend said she was going to order some Tilty cups for her baby so we split shipping, and she placed the order for us. In about a week, we met at Starbucks for coffee, and I came home with my new Tilty sippy cups. I gave Little L her milk that evening and sure enough, she started drinking from the cup. It was MAGIC! I called my friend all excited, and she was, too. Her baby did the same thing.

At that very moment, I threw away every sippy cup I had and never looked back. We only use Tilty cups now, and Little L drinks from a cup like a pro, and as I mentioned yesterday, she is totally off of bottles.

Tilty Sippy Cup

Thanks to my savvy friends who found the cup first, I now have sippy cup joy. The cup is not easy to find in North Carolina, but one local store called Toads and Tulips in Wake Forest does carry it. The Tilty company website has complete details on where you can find one for your baby or grandbaby near you.

Til next time…..I’m off to have some tea!

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