Bewitching Wednesday (Five Devilish Food Finds)

I'm not a huge fan of scary things for Halloween,

but I love pumpkins,

black cats,

and a good witch.

I also love to eat this time of year.   It amazes me how creative people can be in the kitchen.   Here are some goodies I found to make Halloween spellbinding. 

Who knows? I may even be inspired to "twitch my nose" and have these delights magically appear on my table. 

Candy Corn Cookies to go with my afternoon tea.

Trash Bag Munchies for TV watching.

Jack O' Lantern Cheeseburger Pie for those crisp, autumn nights.

Magic Hat Cookies for a bewitching and fun treat. 

Hot Spiced Cider after trick-or-treating.

And I have the purrfect person who would love to eat the Halloween inspired cookies with me. 

We call her the cookie monster a lot of days.

However, she'll be bewitching the neighborhood on a broomstick this Halloween.  She'll be dressed as a good little witch, of course. 

I'm linking up today for my very first Semi-Wordless Wednesday with Flip Flops and Pearls.  I am usually pretty wordy so today is a treat, definitely no tricks. 


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