Remote-Control Romance

Do you watch TV once the kids go to bed?  You all are going to feel sorry for my husband, but I put TV watching ahead of any romance.

Yeah, that’s right. 

At the end of a day, I want to curl up on the couch with an afghan and see the latest fall TV show lineup instead of heating things up.

You see, during a typical eight-hour day, I’ve had sticky fingers crawling up my pants legs.

I’ve held and kissed 25 pounds of “pure sugar” while trying to make dinner. 

I stepped over or on top of 15 Legos, 10 blocks, and four dolls and even slipped on one pint-sized ball throughout my day. 

I’ve had to use my pilates ball with someone’s full weight on top of me and have had to go to the bathroom with an audience.  And let me just clarify in case your mind is wandering: My husband is at work during the day.

My makeup is smeared, and my hair looks as if I stuck my finger in an electrical socket, and if it didn’t before my son’s bedtime then it certainly does after I have to get under the covers and hear some crazy tale.

Some nights, I wish I could just fall asleep and stay there.

But, as 9 p.m. rolls around, I need to clean up the 15 Legos, 10 blocks, and the one pint-sized ball.  The dolls? Well, they went to bed with the diva. She cleaned those up for me.

The kids are finally asleep.

It’s just my hubby, me, and our big HDTV.  Our night is finally carefree!

It's a supreme moment!

Each week, at least six hours of fall TV shows are recorded on our DVR.

Six freaking hours!  Are we crazy?  We only have an hour or so on any given night before we really should get to bed ourselves; yet the cycle continues each week. Episodes pile up on the DVR.

Then the darn DVR starts to erase things we haven’t had time to see unless we tell it otherwise.

We tell it to stop, but then so much is scheduled to record the next week that it tells us our capacity is at its limit.

It’s a vicious cycle, but we never stop the recording each season.  Sometimes, favorites go off the air, and we just add new ones to replace them.  “Modern Family” and the new drama “Person of Interest” are the first to be watched this year on the DVR list. Some shows get carried over to the next week until we get so behind we just stop viewing those shows altogether.

There are probably days that we wish we could go back to our life before kids, when we sat down in front of the TV after work with dinner at the coffee table and knocked out about two or three shows in one sitting. 

That’s especially true for those nights now when we can’t agree on which show to watch during our hour of free time.

Oh, man, did we waste some time back then?

But, for us, there’s just something about keeping up with the fall TV lineup that is comforting and perhaps reminds us of our carefree thirties.

We had time for TV and romance.

Oh, the time we must find, but somehow we find it.  We sit hand in hand, have a little conversation as the commercials fast-forward, and appreciate our time together in front of the telly.

And just in case you are wondering, nothing on our DVR list is animated.  Nada. Zip. 

Yes, it's a real love story! We love our TV.

Linking up today with a blog hop from a great blog I follow called, "Mess for Less."   Vicky has great ideas on projects for children that don't require a lot of mess or money.  She is so clever.  If you are visiting from the Blog hop today, welcome.  I don't have one craft bone in my body, but hopefully, I can provide you with a laugh, a trip idea, and perhaps a good meal from time to time.

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