Budding Dreams

I was hoping to have my new "Pack Your Bags" feature ready for you today, but I'm still editing photos. It is taking more time than I have time for this week. Honestly, I thought I would have more time on my hands since school has started, but truthfully, I seem to be getting more behind.

What's new there? That's life!

I did want to share a photo with you today.  Being a girl, I am now experiencing the fun of having a little girl.

My budding ballerina. We are taking four classes through
the Town of Cary's Parks and Recreation Department

I love having a son, but I have sort of been a fish out of water in raising him.  I don't care to stand out in the yard, and throw a ball. I hate building things. I don't even know what a transformer really is, and I certainly can't pee standing up.

I was a drama queen, frilly, tutu loving, cheerleader who had a fetish for majorette boots. As you can imagine, I was delighted to take Baby Diva to a little Budding Ballerina dance class yesterday.

Dancing may not be her cup of tea, and that's OK.  I'm raising my kids to pursue their own dreams and interests. But, it sure is fun when they like something that I like.

New Blog Tidbits

And speaking of budding dreams, I am staying busy writing for Skimbaco Lifestyle, and the Raleigh News and Observer. It's been really hard lately to find the time to get everything done that I want to accomplish because I'm stuck in the bathroom. I'm OK, but it's a major time crunch. I'll let you get that story on Mom2Mom.

Will has been on a business trip in the Boone area for three days. He's coming home today. He stayed in the Courtyard Marriott where we stayed as a family in May.  When we talked this morning, he said, "It was a good trip because the hotel was really nice." I think after ten years of marriage, I must have had some influence on my husband because this is the same man who at one time did not care if he stayed in an EconoLodge.  Glad to hear that you can really change a man.:)

I am also excited about two upcoming events this week. I'm meeting the new Executive Chef for Carolina Crossroads at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill tomorrow night.  Executive Chef James Clark is a North Carolina native, and we're glad to have him back in our State. I look forward to tasting his cuisine. 

On Friday, I'll be sampling some new fall wines at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar with the restaurant's wine connoisseur. My goal is find you a good, affordable red.  Or do you prefer white?  Let me know!

With all of that sampling, I better find some time for exercise soon.  Maybe I should do some butt lifts while I edit my photos from Virginia's Blue Ridge. What do you think?

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