Sweet Nap Time! It's the Only Time the Boss Isn't Watching

We are in an awkward phase at our house. My 2-year-old is balking at the idea of taking naps, on some days. 

That’s just not good news in this house. It’s tragic, really.

Naptime keeps me sane. It’s the two hours of the day that I look forward to more than anything. It's the time I talk to you. 
I know. I know. You are shaking your head at me and saying, “But you get to stay home with your child. That’s so nice. Cherish the time together.”
And it is. It’s a luxury that I have. I get that, and I know I’m fortunate.
But if you are a working parent, let me break it down more easily for you.

A child giving up the afternoon nap would be like your boss coming into your office, pulling up a chair, and watching you work all day. At times, he or she may question why you chose to do something a certain way.  Your boss is in your office every single work day, and let me emphasize ALL DAY.
A toddler or young preschooler needs to be engaged all day compared to my older child, who would stare at SpongeBob Square Pants all day if I would let him. 
He will easily give me an hour to do something that I need to do. Even when I enforce quiet time for a young preschooler, it’s really not quiet time because she will be right by my side and ask, “Mommy, what are you doing? Me help?”
 Every day I still have a little glimmer of hope that she will not fight me for a nap.
Because when she goes down for a nap, the quiet is unbelievable. 
It’s bliss.
There is nothing like it. Truthfully, she still needs the nap, too.
We’re about to get her a big-girl bed, and I plan to enforce quiet time in her room.  If she naps, great, but if not, she has to have quiet time away from me.

I’m a fighter. I’m not giving up that easily on this naptime thing, at least not yet.
We'll see what the boss says about that!

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