My Next 10 Days

As luck would have it, I won a giveaway. 
No, it’s not an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii.
I wish.
It’s not a designer purse, or a $250 silk blouse that I have tried to win before on my friend Amy's blog. You know!  The things that I wish were in my closet, but cannot afford to stock in my own closet very often.
I know you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation.
But, let me assure it is not a box of gourmet chocolates.
Far from it, actually. 
Please don’t spit out your pumpkin spice latte when I tell you.  I don’t want you to waste any sugar on me.
I won the opportunity to get clean, and rid my body of toxins. Beginning October 1st, I am going to take part in the online “Fall Renewal: 10 Day Detox” program.

I can’t even bear to write this, but the road I’m going down is a road that has no chocolate, caffeine, pumpkin spice lattes, or alcohol.  Apparently, just lots of broccoli.
Sounds like a picnic in the park, doesn’t it?  You know I’m rolling my eyes.
I haven’t even started this program yet, and I’m already hearing the sugar Nazi yell harshly in my ear,
 “No, sugar for you!”
Wait, it gets worse.  
“No English Breakfast tea for you, either-you British wannabe.”
What's up Doc? I've prepped my carrots for the week

Ahhhhhh! I don’t know if I can do it.
And when I head to an Oktoberfest party six days into the detox, she will be saying in my ear as I stare at the seasonal brews,
Ouch! She is taking away everything I love.  
But, I know I can do this!!!
I try to eat healthy, I really do.   But, I do have too much sugar, processed foods, and other toxins in my diet.
I know that.  I think it’s why I’m secretly excited to give this program my all, and work to feel my best.
I went out to dinner at J.Betski's in Raleigh on Saturday for a last meal type of thing.
 I chose to have a beet infused vodka drink called the "Beet Hammer."  That has a healthy ring to it.  By the way, when
my detox is over, I'll be going back to J.Betski's. My food was delicious. 
My 43-year-old body needs it.  Hopefully, it will thank me. It may beat me up in the beginning, but I went through 9 months of pregnancy, twice.  This detox has nothing on that, right?
After the 10 days, I am supposed to have more energy, think clearer, shed some pounds, and sleep better. Supposedly, my mood will improve, too. 
I will let you know. 
If you don’t hear from me later in the week, send reinforcements to my house because you may find me locked in my pantry singing, “pour some sugar in my tea!”

PS: I had a conference call with Lisa Consiglio Ryan after I wrote this, and she does not sound mean at all, like a sugar nazi would.   She's very pleasant. Now that I've bought my food, I'm ready to start my journey.  Wish me luck!

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