Kicking Back Pau Hana Style in Honolulu

Spring is around the corner, and I know many of you are planning vacations. A good friend of mine is going to Hawaii. I'm very jealous, of course. We plan her trip over coffee so Hawaii is on my mind. As a result,  I have a perfect guest post  from world-traveler Kendra Thornton  for those who want to know a little more about Honolulu.  And be sure to visit Skimbaco Lifestyle next week as my colleague, Adrienne Shubin, tells us more about Kauai. 

For water lovers, nothing could be sweeter than seeing the black sandy beaches and pristine green flora and fauna of Hawaii. Honolulu is undoubtedly the biggest city in Hawaii, and features incredible beaches, gourmet dining and of course, hot nightlife. The bars around the beaches of Honolulu are some of the swankier and local places to get a drink, such as House Without a Key, Mai Tai Bar and La Mariana Sailing Club. These bars serve up delicious Hawaiian garnished top liquor and wine while allowing patrons to mingle with a view of gorgeous Honolulu scenery.

House Without a Key

Waikiki Beach sits right on the southwest corner of Hawaii and along this beautiful stretch of beach you can find the plush Halekulani Hotel. This hotel is a local vacation spot that has one of the most decadent drink spots in Honolulu. House Without a Key has a casual atmosphere with indoor and outdoor bar areas. Patrons get the best view while also listening to live music. With different bands, authentic dances from former Miss Hawaii's Kanoe Miller and Debbie Nakanelua as well as current Miss Hawaii, Lauren Cheape. You can also get a tasty entree if you're in the mood while enjoying the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Mai Tai Bar

For local Waikiki Beach flair, the Mai Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian resort has the best view of an amazing stretch of beach and view of Diamond Head. The Mai Tai Bar is known for its atmosphere and exotic liquors, while also serving up Hawaiian entrees. You can find lots of local culture here, including live music and cuisine, as well as the drinks. It's been named the "Best Pau Hana Spot in Honolulu" and wins awards every year. For sunset dinners or just evening drinks, Mai Tai is a decadent yet casual bar with lots of delicious wines and cocktails ready to take you away.

La Mariana Sailing Club

Within a private marina right in the harbor of Honolulu, you can get a drink and enjoy a spectacular view of the ocean. La Mariana Sailing Club is a renowned spot and hideaway bar right in the heart of Honolulu. The bartender will tell you that it's the last true Tiki Bar in Hawaii.

Local favorites include the zombie cocktail, a delicious concoction that will surprise you with its mind-bending taste. With a casual atmosphere, it's a lush green environment that's tucked away from the streets and offers the best view of the beach with live music on the side.
The bar scene in Honolulu can be tricky. You have to find places that really make it a point to serve the drinks while also bringing in live, unique entertainment. House Without a Key, Mai Tai Bar and La Mariana Sailing Club are just a few of the local hot spots that offer a combination of great entertainment, succulent drinks and dedicated staff. Make sure you find a comfortable place to stay amongst the top hotels in Honolulu be it a romantic party of two or a getaway with your best friends. Get away from the cold and soak up the sun this Spring break!

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