The N.C. House with the Moat and Save Your Foyer From Dissaray in 4 Ways

I was browsing through my hometown's real estate listings this week, and I had to share with you an unusual find.  Yes, I avoid laundry-folding, dishwasher unloading, and even writing by looking at real estate, even when I'm not in the market for a home. It's another time-consuming hobby for me.

I came across this castle.
This Cary, N.C. home has five bedrooms, six baths, and two half -baths.
Yes, it is a 10,000 square feet castle in the golf course community of MacGregor Downs in Cary, N.C.  The list price is $2,490,000. I guess that is not bad if you can afford to live in a castle.

But, get this.  It has a moat.

A real moat with a St. Andrew's bridge replica. I think someone may have read too many Princess stories growing up. What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately, the house is a short sale so the fairytale is ending for this owner.  But, someone else wants to live in a castle.  The house is listed under contingent.
I guess now the foyer doesn't have to be so tidy.

The entryway is an introduction to your home and you as a person. So, who are you? A frantic, unorganized wreck with an entryway that looks like a train collision. Or, are you a cool, collected person, providing a welcoming space to anyone who enters your home?  I keep my foyer tidy, but my kitchen island is another matter.

Here are four ways to stylishly clean up your foyer, and impress guests, especially if your home is on the market. Here are some tips from real estate experts.

The Right Furniture

It's so important that you choose your foyer furniture wisely.  The goal  is to make your guests feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. If they need to set something down, a sleek and stylish table will come in handy. If it's wet or cold out, they'll be glad to see a coat hanger where they can hang their jacket. If placed appropriately, standing lamps, small chairs, and mini-shelves are all acceptable.

Jazz it Up With Some Art

Wall visuals around your hallway will spice up the house. Real Simple recommends doing something eclectic, such as mixing and matching different wallpaper cutouts, framing them and hanging them from the foyer walls. Use plaid or polka dots to give off a bold look, or earthy nature patterns for a more subtle vibe. If you have nice vases or crystal and there's enough space to display them set them out and let them shine.

Scents Makes Sense

The foyer is perhaps the most important spot in your house to keep smelling fresh and clean. Make a good first impression for anyone that walks through the foyer, because it's the landing strip. Use wall-plug aromatizers, scented candles or fragrance diffusers to leave a pleasant scent that will pleasantly great your guests.

The trick  is to know what kind of scent to use for your home, and to keep it subtle. If you have light-blue or ocean-themed walls, go for a jasmine and sea-salt mix. For darker tones, go with a woody, earthy aroma. If you have a brighter, sunshine-fresh-linen green-grass home, try out a fresh linen or sunflower-scented candle. Slightly fruity scents are also welcoming and upbeat.

So, if you had the money to live in this castle. Would you?  I do not think I would choose to live in this particular home.

And that is my real estate find for today.

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