A Southern Parenting Tale: Mama, God Knows!

Without being too mushy, I certainly feel blessed having both a son and a daughter.

But I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed my conversations with my daughter a little more at her age. I was pregnant with my son when he was her age now. He was not sleeping at night, and, frankly, the entire year was just an exhausting blur.

Despite his 3-year-old year not being fresh in my memory, I still don’t think we had the same type of conversations that I’m now experiencing with my daughter.

Perhaps gender plays a role.  Not really sure. I’m not an expert.

My son never really cared about colors.  He also would wear anything I laid out for him in the morning and still does so today.  My daughter, on the other hand, has her favorite colors and plans her outfits according to her favorite colors, and, I might even add, her moods.

It is not uncommon for me to hear, “I don’t want to wear that today!”

She wants pink walls.  Her walls are yellow. She doesn’t like that lamp because it’s not pink.

She used to want to live in a pink house, but now she wants her house to be purple.
I guess she needs to live in a row house in San Fran or in Oakwood of Raleigh.

She also wants her purple house to be next door to us when she grows up so that her daddy can wave at her in the window.

Oh, and she wants three children.  Actually, she wants three girls.  No boys because she doesn’t like any boys except for the one she is to marry.

We told her that her house could be purple, but she has to see what God gives her in terms of children.  She may not get three girls.

We just left it at that.

She also would like a cat. 

She apparently has picked out her husband already, too.  Poor Tucker! I don’t think he knows what he is in for in the future.  I hope he likes purple, girls, and cats. 

Because according to her, “God knows, Mommy! I told him I wanted three girls.”

I love the innocence of children.  Meanwhile, my son claims he is never getting married, but he’s going to live next door, too.  His sister says that his house will be green.

I guess we need to move because we don’t have any of those colors in our neighborhood … yet, anyway.

This article originally appeared in my column on TriangleMom2Mom. I wanted to share it here as well. 

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