Instagram Travel: What Captures Your Heart on Instagram?

I love the Instagram account of Eatlivtravwrite. Don't look at her account hungry.

We're going to talk about something fun here today for Instagram Travel. Once you get to know me, you will find that I like to be light-hearted, and have a few laughs.

Also, I've had a busy week and I don't really feel like being too serious or informative. I finished my "Pack Your Bags" on the Williamsburg Lodge this week.  Truthfully, after I write those features, I don't really feel like writing anything else for a week.  I love them, but they drain me because I want them to be just right. 

However, I have writing commitments besides my own blog so today's post is my fourth article this week.  I researched some great ski travel deals for Skimbaco, and I even learned how to "twerk" for an article.  Yeah, really!  Jimmy Kimmel put me in a tail spin this week once he revealed he uploaded a fake video to "You Tube" less than 12 hours before my local column was scheduled to run online. I had a piece on how girls should keep their booty off camera. I went with it anyway with a disclaimer.  Now that I think about it my advice applies to Instagram, too.  We all should keep our booty off of Instagram, too.

But, let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we?  Literally. (Make sure you are in another browser than Internet Explorer, or this video may not load.)

I have to admit that I don't always take the time to view videos on Instagram. But, I'm a big fan of the Four Seasons Instagram account, and I think the caption of the video intrigued me. 

 "You can do it, baby elephant! How cute is that?" This video came from the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Sergenti.

That baby elephant reeled me right in. It tugged at my heart.

And, at the same time, it also caused me to learn a little bit more about this particular hotel. I even put it on my "potential" bucketlist for when my kids are teens. Due to the nature of the Lodge, only guests over 8 are permitted. 

I think we all have things that trigger our emotions and interests when we take the time to engage on Instagram. 

I like to follow Mardi at eatlivtravwrite. She captured that gorgeous champagne flute in Vancouver at the beginning of this post.  And guess what? I know Mardi in person. My editor, Katja of Skimbaco, introduced her to me when were in Toronto. Mardi concentrates on culinary travel, and food blogging. I've learned from Mardi's feed that well photographed food gets me excited.  I mean, really. She makes me want to finish food when she's already taken a bite. 

But, Mardi also has a knack of occasionally appealing to the cat lover in me. She shot this photo in France this summer.  I fell in love. It's so artistic, and reminds me of a postcard. 

I did not use statigram here to label Mardi's photo  because I didn't want to hide the cat.  Photo by Eatlivtravwrite. 
Mardi cooks a lot.  I am smart enough to know just how lucky her cat, Cleo, must be to live in her house, and drink crème anglaise..This photo captured life in Mardi's house very well.  She's not traveling here, but none of us travel every single day of our lives.  It's nice to show a little bit of real life on Instagram, too. 

Mardi's Instagram account appeals to many.  She has more than 18,000 IG followers. 

So tell us, what types of photos can you not resist on Instagram? Dogs? Cats? Water? Cocktails?  Tory Burch shoes?

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