Garden Vegetables that Harvest in the Spring

One of my memories from my childhood is waking up at my Grandma's home, and seeing her in the garden. She was not a farmer to earn a living, but rather I guess it was part of her heritage to grow her own food. I really have no idea.  She died when I was 13. I never asked her, "Why do you grow your own food?" My Dad is gone now, too. I never asked him either why his parents had this garden. It is just what they did. I live less than two miles from North Carolina's State Farmer's Market, and I also belong to Papa Spud's, where I can get produce from the farms straight to my door. My family is lucky, I think.

What's Fresh from the Farm in the Spring in NC? Spring Vegetables

My grandmother grew corn, turnips, collards, strawberries, butter beans, new potatoes, and green beans. They also had grapes.  I really don't know all that she grew, but I certainly know that every day, she would cook fresh vegetables for a lunch buffet. She did it daily. She kept me while my Mom worked when I was little and I developed a palate for fresh vegetables at a very early age. 

Farm Days
Source:  Who Remembers This? on Facebook 

The photo of a woman snapping green beans was circulating on Facebook at one time, and it immediately took me back to summers when I would visit my Grandma. I remember shelling peas and snapping green beans as a child.

I look forward to eating more vegetables in the spring and in North Carolina, this is when produce is abundant at the Farmer's Market.

This is the garden harvest for spring that will be available at Farmer's markets. Of course, grocery stores have these items off-season, but this is when you will see it come in fresh from the farms. 

A guide to Spring Crops in North Carolina and beyond. Garden Fresh Vegetables in the Spring #eattherainbow #vegetables #healthyeating

Green Onions: Late March
Asparagus: Early April 
Strawberries: Early/mid-April
Arugula: Late April 
Lettuces: Late April 
Radishes: Late April 
Bok Choy: Early May
Salad Mix: Early May
Blueberries: Mid May
Chard, Rainbow: Mid May
Salad Turnips: Mid May
Snap Peas: Mid May
New Potatoes: Mid May
Broccoli: Late May
Squash, Yellow: Late May
Squash, Zucchini: Late May 

When I started the #OutaboutNC community in 2015, one of my biggest supporters has been chef Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant in Charlotte, N.C.  His dream was to open a restaurant that was entirely locally sourced. Every item from the alcohol served to dessert come from North Carolina. His restaurant has been named one of the top 100 foodie restaurants on Open Table. 

I've been in Clark's company several times now but have not made it to Charlotte yet. It's on my list. for a true North Carolina culinary experience.  

Farm Fresh, NC local produce at Heirloom Restaurant in Charlotte, N.C.
Happy Spring!

This post was originally published in Spring of 2016 and updated in 2019.  Recipes you may like for Spring.

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Disclosure: *Papa Spud's is a referral link given to local customers.

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