All Work and No Play?

Okay, you caught me! I'm taking a break and letting my kids do the housework.

You know with all this blogging, it is hard to get my chores done!   All kidding aside, my five-year old announced last week that he wanted to do chores so that he can earn money so "he can save money to take a trip."   He definitely takes after me, and wants to see the world.  He gets the savings part from his dad!

After talking to the blog's Facebook friends, I learned a few helpful hints.   Silly me!  I was actually going to pay him to make his bed and set the table because that is what I thought of as chores off the top of my head, but thanks to several posts, I learned my ideas were really "expected" behavior and should not be  paid chores.

When I told my husband what I learned he said, "I could have told you that!"  We are on the same page that some things need to be expected out of our child.    The Blog's Facebook friends suggested chores simple household duties such as dusting and sweeping, putting away dishes, and emptying trash cans. Some wise friend even suggested that he babysit his sister while I did some things around the house.

I decided to to put the babysitting chore to the test for ten minutes one day, and called it a "paid" job.   I guess it was a success, he managed to keep her from climbing on the table.

The troublesome twosome even had some fun with their new fireman hats given to them by my friend, Adrienne from The Rich Life (On a Budget).  Thank you Adrienne for the hats, fire safety books, and the wonderful olive oil from Figone's of California.  Adrienne is always going on the leisurely picnics in her wine county "neighborhood" and I tell her all the time how jealous I am.  With her note today, she told me to pick up "some wonderful  rustic Italian bread and have some balsamic handy to go with my olive oil."

Just so it's not all work and no play today, I'm going to take a leisurely lunch break, and not do any newspaper column or blog writing today, and  instead, link up with the Happy Homemaker UK's  Post of the Month Club.


Blogs joining her link today will showcase their favorite post in March.    I did 15 posts in March so it was hard to choose a favorite, but I'm going to showcase:


I think many people may have thought my post was a product review, and didn't read it, but it is actually a humorous little parenting piece.   I do have an update for you today. 
I still love our Roku!

Until next time, I'm going to grab a cup of tea, read some blogs, and enjoy my olive oil while the kids do their chores, I mean play.

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