Who Wants To Eat One of Fiona's Cakes?


You knew I would look, right?  When it was announced that master cake designer Fiona Cairns was named to design the wedding cake for the royal wedding on April 29th, I hopped right to Ms. Cairns website.  Oh my!   The royal bride made a lovely choice.  At the time I browsed the site there was no mention of the upcoming royal wedding.

When I went back Monday to start writing my post, Cairns proudly displays the following:

Everything on this website looks so scrumptious.  I absolutely fell in love with the Easter display.

And you know I adore my tea time.  This makes me want to hop on a plane for London right now.

The teapot cake is an absolute delight, and would look adorable for my daughter's next birthday tea.  But, the star of Fiona Cairns creations will be the 2011 royal wedding cake.  I believe a wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration.  I don't attend that many weddings any more because I've kind of "aged" out of that fun at the moment,  but I will look forward to getting back in the circuit many years from now when my sitters, children, and my friend's children marry.  You can bet that I will be first in line for a piece of wedding cake.

I have never attended a wedding though where the star attraction was a traditional fruit-cake.  They must be wonderful or why else have one?  For my wedding, I went the simple, classic, southern gourmet path. I wanted my favorite cake; a vanilla pound cake with buttercream icing.  It was delicious, priced over our budget, and was a copy of a design I liked in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine circa 2001.

Our wedding cake was monogrammed with our initials

The three tier cake was made by the pastry chef of Second Empire Tavern and Restaurant in Raleigh . It was the site of our April 6, 2002 wedding.

The other night my husband and I stopped in the Tavern at Second Empire for a coffee drink and dessert.  I think I was secretly hoping to find a dessert as scrumptious as my wedding cake.   We took a lot of our cake home to freeze following our April wedding, but in December, we were out of power for seven days due to an ice storm.  Needless to say, we did not get to have our cake and eat it, too.

If you would like to share your wedding cake with me then post a photo on the blog's Facebook Page for us all to see.  Be sure to tell us what type of cake you selected in terms of flavor.  Yum!  I'm gaining weight thinking about it.

And to learn more about William and Catherine's royal wedding cake designer, this great article from Homes and Gardens  takes you inside Fiona Cairns's home kitchen in 2005.

Until next time, I'm going to grab a cup of tea and check my Facebook page for your cake.

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