I Need My Hour Back, Please!

I've lost something! It's just one hour, but apparently, the loss wrecks havoc on me for a week. I run around saying, "New Time, Old Time, I don't have enough time!"

I heard the alarm at 6:20 am (New time, that is. Old time would be 5:20 am), and I was so (insert curse word of choice here) comfortable. My covers were just right. Pure perfection. I ignored the alarm, and dozed back off to sleep. You know how it is, right? It's some of the very best sleep of your lives. You wish you could have sleep like this all night long.

At 7:15 am, my husband comes into our bedroom. He wakes me.

I yell, "I can't. I can't get out of bed. I need my tea water. Please turn on my tea water!"

I finally roll out of bed at 7:20 am, and stroll down the steps. I rush my tea water, and have to heat the Twinings tea in the microwave. Go ahead, true tea lovers, GASP!

The kids are still asleep so I waste even more time by checking my blog, my facebook accounts, a new social networking site for moms called "MomnBaby" plus the Southern blogging network, "Southern Mommas".

Can I waste any more time? Sure! A really good mom would have showered and got ready. Instead, I made a second cup of tea. I would have had a third, but I seriously ran out of time.

My son gets up.  We get him ready for school, and he ate breakfast while I woke sleepyhead.  I fed her quickly, and off to school we go at 9:15 am, a good five minutes after we should have left to be on-time.

My son's pre-school teachers laughed at me. They've always seen me with wet hair in a clip, and at least some make-up on my face. Not today! They got bedhead crazy.

Enjoy! Get a good laugh. My hair stylist will NOW know why I have to wash my hair daily.

As for baby girl, she must be like her mommy. She'll adjust eventually, and she'll soon start loving the early evening hours where she can swing in daylight and have dinners on the screened porch. Spring is almost here!

Hope you're adjusting to the new time!

Until next time, I'm off to shower, and drink some more tea.

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