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A lot has changed in thirty years.  I'm now a busy wife and mom, full-time blogger, and some would even say I've approached middle age.   I certainly don't think I act middle aged, in fact, some would say I'm acting more like a teenager lately.  You see,  I'm guilty of wasting valuable minutes of my day not to mention taking time away from my precious children by reading about Catherine Middleton.  I guess you could say that "I've been pulled right back into the royal watching hoopla AGAIN".

The royal wedding is in 42 days, but who's counting, right?   I've actually gone way beyond reading about wedding preps though.   I now like to see what the future princess is wearing on her public engagements.   I guess if I wore something besides jeans and a slim fitting long-sleeved tee then maybe I would dress similiar.  I like her classic, simple style.

Courtesy of Hello Magazine

Courtesy of Hello
The other day I was in CVS to pick up some items, and I had to take both children for the trip.    I didn't even bother to put my daughter in a cart because it was to be quick.  I let her walk with me.  CVS has their magazine section in the back of the store near the pharmacy.  This is where they keep the good stuff; not the tabloids.   

As I walking by the rack, I spied Life Magazine's Royal Wedding Issue.   My son had my daughter's hand so I grabbed this thick magazine quickly to thumb through it.   Unfortunately, my children kept walking, and when I told them to stop, no one listened.

I flipped through pages at rapid speed with one eye on them and one eye on Kate.   It got to the point that I actually let them get five aisles in front of me at the pharmacy counter.

My heart was saying, "Oh, this is good.  This has some great historical background and articles. You should get this!"

By this time, my daughter who is still five aisles in front me with my son starts pulling things off the shelf.  I make a face, and turn the magazine over to look at the price.  It was $12.99. 

Magazine cost equaled the cost
of Two Gallons of Organic Milk

My head was saying, and I probably heard it in the tone of my husband's voice, "You don't need the clutter, you don't have time to read it, and that price equals two gallons of organic milk."

I listened to my head instead of my heart, reluctanly put the magazine back on the shelf, and ran to catch up with my children before they caused devastation to the pharmacy's candy counter.

I have refrained from actually spending money on my royal obsession, but I do take some daily quiet time with my English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar to see read news about the royal couple.   One article I read today said that this upcoming royal wedding is causing the news media to spend more money than they have these days to cover the actual wedding on April 29th, and it's taking funds away to cover real hard news.

Courtesy of People Magazine

On the FLIP side, businesses are trying to make money off the royal couple.  And when you read a lot about the royal wedding then you can find little jewels like this china mug made in China.  The manufacturer didn't know one royal brother from the other.  Look carefully!  Go to the Guandong website for an even better view.

They used Prince Harry's photo instead of Prince William.   This error really made me giggle, and I still giggle each time I see it.   I wonder if the person who made this flub still has a job?  This is just one of the many wedding trinkets on the market that is not endorsed by the royal family, and it's such a goof that I bet people will snatch it up and hope that it will be worth something some day.   I'm leaving it in China though.

However, Prince Harry is still on the market,  and I'm going to play matchmaker.  I've got the most perfect date for him, and in my opinion, she even resembles his soon to be sister-in-law.

Prince Harry meet my great babysitter and adopted "little" sister.   Some would even say I am "middle-aged" enough to be her mom, but I like the sound of sister better.

I bet with my children being part of their wedding party if love blossomed, I would have GREAT seats at that royal wedding.

Until next time, I'm off for a cup of tea, more reading, and perhaps some matchmaking.

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