Five Things You Need to Score a Touchdown at Your Next Tailgate

There is always some type of tailgate party going on in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina during football season since three major universities are located in this area.  That would be Duke, N.C. State, and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Meet Mr. And Mrs. Wuf.

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They are the beloved mascots for N.C. State University in Raleigh.  This dynamic duo welcomes thousands of tailgaters to Carter-Finley Stadium for home football games.

It’s a little harder to tailgate at UNC-Chapel Hill due to the stadium being located in the middle of campus, but as you can see, the professional tailgaters find a way.

Tailgating is a Southern tradition just like banana pudding, and it is one of the most popular get-togethers for people during the fall season.  This past weekend, I hosted a 31 Gifts Party at my home using a tailgate theme.  Blog sponsor Tricia Edmundson showed us the many ways 31 Gifts can help get us ready for the fun before the big game.  I also shared a few of my ideas, too. 

Our indoor "Tailgate". 31 Gifts Senior Director, Tricia Edmundson, poses with
me and my friend, Wendy, who is a NC State fan. 
We had so much fun at this event that we quickly realized that you don’t need to be at a football game to truly have a tailgate gathering.  You can use the casual theme at your home to have a backyard gathering or to have friends over to watch a game on TV.

Here are the five things you need at your next tailgate party that will make you cheer.

1. Personalized Ribbons for School Spirit
 I’m a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, and our rivals sometimes call us the “whine and cheese crowd” because when our team doesn’t do well, we really fuss about it.  I took that old saying “literally” and decided to add some pizzazz to this party with a little help from Royal-Ribbons.

Royal-Ribbons can turn your event into a regal affair. 

For our event, my guests chose a wine glass adorned with their favorite team’s colors.  It’s great to show school spirit with some spirits in hand. Royal-Ribbons can personalize any ribbon for your occasion with the cutest sayings.  Aren’t my ribbons cute?

2. 31 Gifts Picnic Thermal Tote

You’ll be styling at the party when you bring your items in this game-day cooler. This great picnic thermal tote comes in six great patterns and can be personalized for your next tailgate.  The totes are large and are big enough to hold two large bottles or two six packs of drinks.  If you turn it sideways, it will fit a casserole dish perfectly, and your entrée will be kept warm for your tailgate.  Retail value with personalization is $42.

3. 31 Gifts Magazine Basket (But it’s not just for magazines)

This wicker basket will score you some points at your next tailgate.  You can fill it with condiments, paper products, and food.  Add paper towels to the top, and you’ve scored a touchdown.  Retail value for the small-size basket is $30.

4. Half-Time Appetizer

If life is busy, then the last thing you need is to prepare a complicated appetizer for your tailgate.  Several years ago, I learned about this easy, awesome appetizer from a cookbook produced by the Junior League of Charleston, S.C.  All you need to feed your crowd is crackers, cream cheese, and a topping of your choice.  For this party, I used apricot preserves, but you can use peach salsa, red pepper jelly, autumn chutney, or any preserve of your choice.  It’s quick! It’s easy! It’s so good that your guests will tackle you for the last bite.

5. Mascot Book for the Kids/Mascot Talk for the iPhone

My kids are enjoying, "Mr. Wuf's Journey Through North Carolina."
The favorite person on the sidelines is usually the beloved team mascot.  Thanks to Mascot Books, many university team mascots take your kids on storybook adventures about the university and/or state in which the university is located.   

Mr. Cool, aged 5, and Baby Diva, aged 1.
My kids personally own two books about Mr. Wuf at N.C. State University.  Rameses, the UNC mascot, will be on the stocking stuffer list for Baby Diva, which I'm sure my college friends will be glad to hear.   Mascot books recently unveiled a very cool iPhone application with which your favorite mascot can interact with you on your phone.  The talking mascot will be sure to entertain those little ones so you can actually see a few plays on the field.

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, right?  You still had fun at the tailgate.

The Giveaway associated with this post is now over! Thank you for taking the time to enter.  Mandi from Lincolnton, NC will toting a new picnic tote at her next tailgate. 

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