Let's Talk Breakfast

It's Sunday morning and I'm about to make this important meal for my family.  It will probably be simple.

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Breakfast is really the best meal I get out of my kids for the day.

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Here's a funny fact about me. I didn't really like breakfast foods until I was an adult.  In an ironic twist, my dad made his living owning a breakfast restaurant in the mountains of North Carolina.  We sold that restaurant shortly before his death.  I so wish I could enjoy one of his famous breakfasts now with my kids.

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We all have been taught that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  It fuels our body for a busy day ahead, but here's an alarming fact.  A recent research study conducted by Kellogg's called "Breakfast in America Survey" revealed that the consumption of breakfast dips as American children grow older: 77 percent of young children eat breakfast every day, but the number falls to 50 percent in the middle-school years and 36 percent among high school students.  

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As parents, how can we reverse this trend? Let's talk about it.  Grab a muffin.

Join me online on Thursday, September 8 as I co-host a very important virtual discussion.

What: You’re invited to a Kellogg virtual breakfast to discuss key findings from Kellogg’s Breakfast in America Survey, along with morning routines and ways to improve breakfast nutrition.  While most Americans feel breakfast is important, the reality of hectic mornings makes it difficult to fit the meal in every day, according to data from the survey.  Learn how to reverse the trend of endangered breakfasts and incorporate good nutrition into your morning routine.  

The virtual breakfast is happening on Thursday, September 8, at 11 a.m. ET.        

Who: Join Sarah Woodside, MS, RD, and Nutrition Business Partner at Kellogg, to talk about the survey data, morning routines and breakfast nutrition for a great start to every day. Sarah and Dr. Jana will speak to us via live streaming video, while we chat and ask questions through a real-time, text-based conversation.

Do Me a Favor.  Please tweet this so more people will learn about this important event.

Join a discussion  about breakfast trends, and the impact on our kids. 9/8 at 11 am.  

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