What's Your House Style?

There is something that you need to know about me.  I like architecture, and real estate. I don't always like to write. Sometimes, I just want to be a vegetable in front of the computer when it is all quiet in the house, and look at houses that are for sale in the area.

This house is currently on the market in one of my favorite areas of Raleigh.  It is located in a neighborhood called Cameron Park, which is adjacent to North Carolina State University.  I love the arts and craft style.  The original house was built in 1937.  It has had a huge make-over.  Take a look at before below.  Wow. They certainly had a lot of vision, and a good architect.

The new arts and crafts style of the home doesn't even resemble the original house.  In case you are wondering, the home is now on the market for $995,000.  Shall we put in an offer?

I've not felt well the past couple of days, and I haven't wanted to write anything for the blog.  However, when I don't post on the blog, I miss the interaction with you.  As a result,  I've decided to pose you all a question today, and incorporate my hobby of looking at real estate into my blogging.  

What's your favorite home style?

I'm going to show you some homes for sale in North Carolina. Let's have some Friday fun, shall we?   Which home style do you like most?  We don't worry about price tags here.  That is what makes it fun.


House Number One-(GingerBread Love)
Built in 1893, Victorian style home located in Oakwood, which is in downtown Raleigh.  The Governor would be your neighbor
2300 square feet
Price: $449,5000

House Number Two (Dutch/Barnyard Chic)
Built in 1909, Traditional style home in Cameron Park
2400 square feet

House Number Three (The Elegant White House)
Built in 1935, Traditional style home located in an area of Raleigh called Hayes Barton. This street is beautiful  during the Christmas season.
3465 square feet

House Number Four (Stately Tudor)
Built in 1928, Tudor style home located on Duke Street in Durham, North Carolina,which is located near Duke University
5470 Square feet

House Number 5 (Roomy Ranch)
Built in 1958, Ranch style home near downtown Raleigh.
2657 square feet

I'm a sucker for the Tudor style.  I really like all of these houses, but the Tudor style would win me over for definitely wanting to look inside.  However, the front porch on the Cameron Park home (Dutch, Barnyard chic) would be awesome, and is is in a fabulous area in Raleigh.  You could walk to one of the best shopping areas in town. What is your home style?

Talk to you next week. Enjoy the weekend. 

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