No Longer Greek to Me

I'm always the last to do things.  You know. The last to have kids.  The last to get on Twitter.  The last to get a new car.  I just hope that I'm the last to kick any type of bucket.  Don't you?  But, let's talk about this new craze, called Pinterest.  My friends have been on Pinterest for months.  I joined several months ago, but didn't know what the $%^* to do with it,  so I closed the page, and forgot my password.  I'm not joking. The kids were home with me 24 hours straight during the summer, and I didn't have time to learn a new social media skill.   I could barely keep up with what I knew.  The whole Pinterest concept was "greek to me."

That is, until we were driving to my sister-in-law's house this weekend.  Mr. Cool suddenly says, "Tell me about Greece." We weren't sure if he meant grease or Greece, but after we educated him about the two spellings, and the two definitions, of the word, that sounds the same, he seemed more interested in the country rather than oil in a skillet. We didn't even bring up one of my favorite movies of all time, or the fact that I played Patty Simcox in a local, community production of "Grease."   Franki Valli may have belted out, "Grease is the word", but in our car, "Greece" was apparently THE word of the day.   I don't blame him.   He is my child, after all.

Let's just say a mom will do anything to enhance her child's education so I decided to take some time to learn Pinterest. This way I could show Mr. Cool some photos of Greece.  I thought it would be easier to have the photos on one page or a board to view.  From what I understand, that is the purpose of Pinterest.  My first pin on my virtual board was this beauty in Greece.

Isn't that photo gorgeous?  It's the Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa in Crete, Greece.  I then had to pin this villa room at the hotel because it looked so tranquil, elegant, and I loved the blue accents.

Here is the area of Greece where the hotel is located. I figured that I should show him a photo of something other than a hotel.

Sunrise is breathtaking at the Blue Palace.  This is a view from the hotel's infinity pool.

Greece is gorgeous.  The Blue Palace Resort is stunning.  I think I want to go to Greece.  How about you?

This wasn't the only jewel I found in Greece though.   You guessed it.  I kept pinning,  and have an entire board now named, "Gorgeous Hotels in Greece."   I think I have found a good outlet for my luxury hotel obsession.

Want to Stay Here: October is a good time to visit this hotel.   Kids stay free during the month.  View the latest offers from this lovely Starwood property. Unfortunately, I can't hop on the next plane because remember, we let our passports expire.  At least now, I can travel virtually through my pin boards.

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