Mailbox Overload

I think I may need a forklift to take all of the mail out of my mailbox lately.

My countertops cannot keep up with the influx of holiday catalogs.  I guess they are trying to tell me that it’s time to start thinking of the holidays.

Just yesterday, I received three holiday catalogs from Pottery Barn, two from LL Bean, and one from Land’s End. 

I placed them in the pile with the holiday catalogs from Crate and Barrel, Company Kids, Mini Boden, and Restoration Hardware.

Today, I took to the recycling bin holiday catalogs from Hanna Andersson, Frontgate, One Step Ahead, and a children’s catalog that I simply cannot afford called “Chasing Fireflies.”  Somehow I’ve managed to get on their customer wish list despite my lack of funds to buy $100 tutus and $68 Christmas shirts.

Much to my husband’s dismay, the only thing that is not being put in my mailbox as of late are those gorgeous lingerie-clad Victoria’s Secret models donning Santa Claus thongs and million-dollar diamond bras.

Who buys those diamond bras anyway?

Well, I guess two less-than-perky boobs in my 40s, and two children later, I’ve gotten off their list.

Here’s even more bad news.  

Tomorrow, I’ll probably get another catalog from Pottery Barn with a different photo on the cover, but the inside 120 pages will look just like the one I received three days ago.
How many trees are they killing in order to try to get me to place an order?

Life was so much simpler when there was just the Sears “wish” book.

Oh, how I miss that one big catalog.

With just 51 shopping days until Santa arrives in his sleigh, the mailman will probably have to deliver at least four catalogs a day, or approximately 212 catalogs, to my mailbox in the next eight weeks.


I think the mailman may need more of a rest than Santa.  And my husband may need help taking the recycling to the curb. 

But, I have to admit that I do try to flip through each one before I toss it, but it rarely makes me place an order.

What's your favorite catalog?

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